Arrive at Nagasaki Airport. Headed to Huis Ten Bosch with a stopover.

From Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport
Rent a car and head for Sasebo.

From Nagasaki Airport to Hasami Town
40min. by car / 37km
To go & see

Ceramic Parks Hasami


This is an open-air museum-like park with reproductions of pottery kilns from around the world, located in Hasami-cho, famous for Hasami-yaki pottery. A pottery festival is held during Golden Week. Stores selling Hasami-yaki pottery are scattered around the park, making it a great place for shopping.
Data: Ceramic Parks Hasami
Address/ 2255-2 Isekigo, Hasamicho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3711
TEL/ 0956-85-2290(Hasamicho Tourisum)
From the pottery park to Onigi Tanada
6 min. by car / 3.5km
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Onigi Tanada


It is a scenic spot selected as one of the 100 best terraced rice paddies in Japan. The dozens of tiers of terraced rice paddies seen from the observatory are beautifully arranged. In September, higanbana (cluster amaryllis) bloom along the rice terraces, and a scarecrow contest with more than 100 scarecrows is held
Data:Onigi Tanada
Address / Onigigo, Hasamicho, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3711
TEL/ 0956-85-2290
From the terraced rice to Huis Ten Bosch
35 min. by car / 22km

There are five directly managed hotels in Huis Ten Bosch.
The following is a selection of three of them.


ホテル ヨーロッパ

The hotel lobby is decorated with colorful floral arrangements, and nightly concerts are held in the lounge for a full sense of luxury. Classical guest rooms create a luxurious and extraordinary experience. Cruises for check-in and special cruises for guests only are also available.
Address / 7-7 Huis Ten Bosch-cho Sasebo, Nagasaki 859-3293
TEL/ 0570-064-110


ホテル アムステルダム

Hotel Amsterdam is the only hotel in the facility and is very close to Amstel Square where the projection mapping will take place. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy Huis Ten Bosch until the end of the day! All rooms are 45 square meters or larger, so they are perfect for a stay with your family.
Address / 7-7 Huis Ten Bosch-cho Sasebo, Nagasaki 859-3293
TEL/ 0570-064-110



The Watermark Hotel is an oceanfront hotel where you can stay in a serene atmosphere while feeling the vastness of the sky. The hotel is recommended for enjoying seasonal fireworks displays, as they are held right in front of this hotel. It is also nice to be able to dine at the restaurant while looking out at the ocean!
Address/ 7-7 Huis Ten Bosch-cho Sasebo, Nagasaki 859-3243
TEL/ 0956-27-0505


Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch to the Fullest!

Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch all day long!
Introducing the attractions of Huis Ten Bosch by theme.

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Tulips, roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, dahlias, and other seasonal flowers can be enjoyed all year round. They're so well cared for that you'll always have a beautiful space to visit!
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There are nearly 50 attractions, including VR-based attractions, outdoor physical attractions, museum and show-like viewing attractions, and rides such as trolleys, canoes, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles. Fantasia, a virtual space that also uses sounds and scents, and the thrilling Adventure Area are popular.



Huis Ten Bosch has a wide variety of restaurants and cafes of all kinds within its spacious grounds. There are more than 50 restaurants and cafes! The Sasebo Burger, a local delicacy, is very hearty. The authentic Swiss cheese fondue is also a popular menu item. Be sure to check out the fun limited-time-only menus that coincide with events.
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If you stay in Huis Ten Bosch, be sure to enjoy Huis Ten Bosch at night! The cityscape from the Ferris wheel, the glittering 15-meter-high three-story merry-go-round, the seasonal illuminations such as Halloween and Christmas, and the fantastic atmosphere are just as elegant and memorable as during the day.
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Annual Events


There are many fun events throughout the year, including the Flower Festival, Summer Night Festival, Wine Event, Halloween, and Christmas. Fireworks events held several times a year are especially popular as they allow visitors to view the fireworks up close.
Stay at Huis Ten Bosch directly managed hotel (2nd night)


To Kujuku Islands, a spectacular view!

There are a wide variety of one-day tours departing from Huistenbosch, including Sasebo City, Kujuku Islands, Nagasaki City, and Gunkanjima Island, which are highly recommended for those who want to have fun without a car. If you still want to have fun, why not stay an extra night and expand your sightseeing area?
Departure from the hotel
From Huis Ten Bosch to Kujuku Islands Pearl Sea Resort
30 min. by car / 20km
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Kujyukushima Pearl Sea Resort


Kujuku Islands, with its intricate rias coastline and more than 200 islands scattered throughout its waters, is designated as a Saikai National Park. The Pearl Sea Resort is a complex of sightseeing boats, an aquarium, visitor center, stores and restaurants. They also offer yachting, sea kayaking, desert island tours, and more!
Data: Kujyukushima Pearl Sea Resort
Address/ 1008 Kashimaecho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 858-0922
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Cruising Boat

遊覧船 & シーカヤック

There are two types of sightseeing boats: the "Pearl Queen" and "Mirai," which are large boats and go spectacularly, and the "Rila Cruise," which is a smaller boat and goes through areas that are inaccessible to larger boats. Yacht cruises with meals and kayaking experiences for parents, children, and couples are also popular.
Data: Cruising Boat
TEL/ 0956-28-1999
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The complex topography of the rias coast provides a favorable environment for many creatures to live. Umi Kirara is an aquarium that introduces the rich diversity of life on Kujuku Islands. In addition to the main giant aquarium tank, there is also a jellyfish symphony dome and dolphin shows.
Data: Umikirara
Address/ 1008 Kashimaecho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 858-0922

Sasebo Burger


The Sasebo Burger gradually became a Sasebo specialty from a hamburger recipe introduced from a U.S. Navy base 70 years ago. One of its unique features is that the patties are made by grilling the patties after receiving an order. The filling varies from patties, eggs, bacon, vegetables, cheese, and homemade mayonnaise.
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This is a popular observatory from which the entire Kujuku Islands can be viewed. The rape blossoms in spring and cosmos in fall attract many visitors, allowing them to fully enjoy the seasons.
Data: Tenkaiho
住所/ 399 Shimofunakoshicho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-1232
TEL/ 0956-22-6630



The oysters grown in the nutrient-rich sea around Kujukujuku Islands are small but rich in flavor. Please grill other seafood along with the oysters!!
From Tenkaiho to Nagasaki airport
1 hour by car / 60km

From Nagasaki Airport to Haneda Airport

End of tour

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Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season(1 room for people) 65,300 JPY~
Off Season(1 room for people) 123,200 JPY~
Round tirp Airfare (Tokyo – Nagasaki) / 2 nights accommodation with breakfast / Tax

Sights Information

Sasebo Morning Market

The Sasebo morning market is held at the Yorozu parking lot near the municipal pier. About 40 stores are lined up from 3:00 to 9:00 a.m., selling freshly caught fish, processed seafood, vegetables, fruits, and more. The scale of the market is just right for selecting souvenirs.

Nagasaki Wagyu

Bred in a blessed environment with cool summers and warm winters, Nagasaki Wagyu is raised with love and care by producers registered under the producer registration system. You can fully enjoy the flavor of the beef when you eat it as steak or shabu-shabu.

Nagasaki Bio Park

More than 200 kinds of rare animals such as capipalas, flamingos, and squirrel monkeys are kept in this dynamic and vast natural environment. Animal lovers will love this facility as they can directly interact with the cage-free animals.

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

This is one of the largest aquariums specializing in penguins, with the largest variety of penguins in the world. At the Fureai Penguin Beach, you can observe penguins relaxing in the natural sea!