Arriving in Nagoya♪ A little bit different local delicacies.

From Tokyo Station to Nagoya Station
90 minutes by Shinkansen

We start eating Nagoya's specialties!!



The first serving is eaten as it is, the second with spices on top, and the third with ochazuke (rice with tea and soup stock).Hitsumabushi is the king of "Nagoya Gourmet" as you enjoy the changing flavors. Please also enjoy the secret sauce of long-established restaurants
From Nagoya station to Nagoya castlei
15 min. by subway
To go & see

Nagoya Castle


Nagoya Castle, famous for its golden ornament, was built by Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1610. The castle was destroyed by fire during the war, and the current castle tower was built in 1959. The main attraction is the Honmaru Palace. It took 10 years to reconstruct it from remaining documents, measured drawings, and photographs. The paintings depicting brave tigers, civets, landscapes, flowers, and birds are a must-see.
Data: Nagoya Castle
Address/ 1-1 Honmaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0031
TEL/ 052-231-1700
From Nagoya Castle to Oasis 21
5 minutes by subway / 2.7 km
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Oasis 21


Oasis 21 is a park that combines a symbolic glass roof, a lawn, a bus terminal, and stores. Water flows through the spaceship-like glass roof, and the perimeter of the park is an aerial corridor where visitors can enjoy a walk in the air while watching the beautiful ripples of water. The park is also popular among the locals for its illumination at night.
Data:Oasis 21
Address/ 1-11-1 Higashisakura, higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-0005
TEL/ 0256-34-8080
From Oasis 21 to LEGOLAND Hotel
45 minutes by train / 24 km

Check in at the hotel



The LEGOLAND Hotel, filled with many fun tricks, has a colorful, pop-up worldview that will get you excited from the entrance. Not only can you play with LEGO at the hotel, but you can also play in the guests-only Water Play Area. Rooms are decorated with themes, and the buffet-style restaurant where breakfast and dinner are served offers a wide variety of items, making it popular with families.
Address/ 2-7-1 Kinjofutou, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-8606
TEL/ 050-5840-0505


LEGOLAND to play around in!!!!

Depart from the hotel
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レゴランド ジャパン

LEGOLAND® Japan, which opened in April 2017, is an outdoor theme park where visitors can enjoy themselves all day long. The park is packed with approximately 17 million LEGO® bricks and 10,000 LEGO® models, and offers a variety of attractions, including shows and rides based on the LEGO world. Ninjago World has been a popular area since its opening in 2019.
Address/ 2-2-1 Kinjofutou, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-8605
TEL/ 0570-05-8605
Short walks
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Sea Life Nagoya


SEA LIFE Nagoya is an aquarium located inside the LEGOLAND® Japan Hotel, where visitors can see, touch, learn, and experience. The aquarium is divided into 11 zones, each with a different theme, such as shipwrecks and the Dragon's Palace, and visitors can enjoy interacting with the animals in each area. There are also a variety of programs such as workshops and hands-on tours. There is also a special ticket deal that combines a hotel and LEGOLAND.
Address/ 2-7-1 Kinjofutou, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-8605
TEL/ 0570-05-8605
After lots of fun, go to the hotel directly connected to Nagoya Station
30 minutes by train from near LEGOLAND to Nagoya Station

Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel


Conveniently located directly connected to Nagoya Station, the Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel also offers a great view of the city as its guest rooms are on the 15th floor or higher. The hotel is also popular for its luxurious facilities, including a restaurant supervised by a popular chef and a fitness center. Guests can enjoy a relaxing stay in a high-quality space filled with natural light.
Data:Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel
Address/ 1-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-6660
TEL/ 052-566-2111



One of the interesting characteristics of Nagoya gourmet food is the strange combinations. Curry and udon, red bean paste and toast, and many other dishes that you don't know how good they are before you eat them, but when you try them, they are surprisingly delicious! There are many such dishes. Miso Katsu, Miso Nikomi Udon, and Miso Oden, which are crossed with miso, are among the most popular dishes.
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Midland Square

ミッドランドスクエア スカイプロムナード

Located in front of Nagoya Station, Midland Square is a complex that includes a movie theater, stores, restaurants, and other facilities. The Sky Promenade is an outdoor observatory located on the 44th to 46th floors, where visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Nagoya cityscape at night.Mist sprayed every 30 minutes changes color to create a fantastic atmosphere.
Data:Midland Square
Address/4-7-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6242


Many more theme parks around Nagoya!


Nagoya Morning


Nagoya is also known as the holy land of morning breakfast. At coffee shops, you can enjoy breakfast at a reasonable price by adding a little extra to your coffee bill. One of the most famous is Ogura Toast. The toast is toasted to a golden brown and the sweet bean paste is the best match.
Check out of hotel.
On the third day, visit other theme parks in Aichi.
Here are some pick-ups.
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Ghibli Park


Ghibli Park, opening in November 2022, is located in the Aichi Expo Park, a 50-minute train ride from Nagoya Station. There are no big rides or attractions, but a place where you can discover fun by walking on your own feet and feeling the wind in the forests and paths. Go to Totoro's world on the Cat Bus, which adults can also ride!
Data: Ghibli Park
Address/ 1533-1 Ibaragamasama, Nagkute, Aichi 480-1342
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Located in Inuyama City, about 30 km from Nagoya Station, "Meiji-Mura" is an open-air museum that preserves and exhibits reconstructed buildings from the Meiji Period. Once you enter the entrance, you are already in the Meiji Era! Enjoy the architecture, gourmet food, and rides such as a steam locomotive (SL) and retro buses, and experience the culture of the time when Western culture was introduced to Japan.
Address/ 1 Uchiyama, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0000
TEL/ 00568-67-0314
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Little World

野外民族博物館 リトルワールド

A theme park that could easily take you around the world! That is Little World. It is an open-air museum consisting of the main exhibition hall with approximately 6,000 ethnic materials on display and an open-air exhibition area with nearly 30 houses from around the world. Visitors can enter the houses, enjoy gourmet food from various countries, and borrow ethnic costumes. Enjoy the feeling of having been to each country !
Data:Little World
Address/ 90-48 Narusawa, Imai, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0005
TEL/ 0568-62-5611
To go & see

Monkey Park


A theme park that could easily take you around the world! That is Little World. It is an open-air museum consisting of the main exhibition hall with approximately 6,000 ethnic materials on display and an open-air exhibition area with nearly 30 houses from around the world. Visitors can enter the houses, enjoy gourmet food from various countries, and borrow ethnic costumes. Enjoy the feeling of having been to each country !
Data:Monkey Park
Address/ 26 Kanrin Inuyama, Inuyama, Aichi 484-0081
TEL/ 0568-61-0870
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Tokoname City, located 30 minutes from Nagoya Station on the Chita Peninsula, is known as "the town of pottery that has lasted for a thousand years. The undulating streets, inaccessible by car, are like a maze! As you proceed, you will find climbing pottery kilns, pottery studios, and cafes. Tokoname is famous for its kyusu (teapot), and the high level of kyusu-making techniques are passed down to young artists and craftsmen.
Address/ 5-168-2 Koiehonmachi, Tokoname, Aichi 479-0838
TEL/ 0569-34-8888
From Nagoya Station to Tokyo
90 minutes by Shinkansen

End of tour



Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season(1 room for people) 66,000 JPY~
Off Season(1 room for people)47,000 JPY
Round trip train fare / Bullet train reserved seat / R
2 nights accommodation with breakfast, tax

Sights Information

Atsuta Jingu

Atsuta Jingu Shrine, affectionately called "Atsuta-san" by the people of Nagoya, is a shrine with a history of over 1,900 years. The shrine enshrines the Kusanagi no Mutsurugi, one of the three sacred weapons. Let's visit the shrine in a sacred atmosphere surrounded by a forest.

Toyota Museum

The Toyota Group museums include the Toyota Museum, where the history of cars and car culture from around the world is on display, and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, where visitors can learn about the technology used to make things through hands-on experience. There is also a common admission ticket for a discount, and audio guides for six different countries are available for rent.

Noritake Garden

This is a complex facility built by the ceramics manufacturer Noritake to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding. There is a ceramics factory, an exhibition hall of Old Noritake, a painting workshop, stores, restaurants, and a café. There is also a fountain plaza and a biotope, where visitors can feel nature.

Tokugawa Art Museum

The Tokugawa Art Museum, located in Higashi-ku, Nagoya, houses a large collection of artifacts related to the Owari Tokugawa family. Next door is Tokugawa-en, the former residence of the Tokugawa family, with a vast Japanese garden with a circular path around a pond. Special exhibitions and events are held throughout the year.


The Osu area, located about 10 minutes by train from Nagoya Station, has a long arcade shopping street, Osu Kannon, where fairs and antique markets are held, long-established stores and popular restaurants, and an area that can be enjoyed by both the elderly and the young.