Sightseeing in Okayama and then drive to Kurashiki

From Tokyo to Okayama Station
Approx. 3 hours 15 minutes by Shinkansen

Take a photo & get something to eat!
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Okayama station


Okayama is famous for an old tale called Momotaro. At the station, there are bronze statues of Momotaro and his friends, a monkey, a pheasant, and a dog. The manholes are also decorated with pictures from thestory. Check them out!



Have you heard of Okayama's famous "Demi-Katsu"? It is a menu item that mixes Japanese and Western flavors, consisting of freshly fried pork cutlets topped with a generous amount of demi-glace sauce. The demi-glace sauce can be stewed in wine or Japanese style, depending on the restaurant.
Rent a car and head to Kurashiki!

From Okayama to Kurashiki
Approximately 40 minutes by car / 18 km

Check in to the hotel.
Leave your luggage and go for a walk!
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Kurashiki Ivy Square


Ivy Square is a complex facility created by reusing a spinning mill from the Meiji era. There are accommodations, a store and winery where you can buy Kurashiki souvenirs, and experience facilities for enjoying sightseeing, such as pottery classes and kimono rentals. There is also a restaurant and bar with a classical atmosphere.
DATA:Kurashiki Ivy Square
Address/7-2 Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0054
TEL/ 086-422-0011
Short walks
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River Cruise


The Kurashiki River used to bustle with the traffic of boats carrying goods. Willow trees are planted along the riverbank, and white-walled merchant houses and Western-style buildings from the Meiji period line the river. Enjoy the scenery of the Bikan Historical Quarter while listening to the boatman's guide, as if you were an Edo merchant.
DATA:River Cruise
住所/ 1-4-8 Chuo, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0046
TEL/ 086-422-0542

Fruit Sweets


Muscat, peaches, grapes, parfaits filled with fruit are the best thing to eat when you come to Okayama. There are many parfait stores in the Bikan Historical Park where you can enjoy delicious parfait. Let's taste the parfait of the season!
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Kurashiki Ivy Square


Located in the central area of the Bikan Historical Quarter, a 15-minute walk from Kurashiki. The red-brick exterior with its ivy-twined walls and the guest rooms are relaxing spaces that make use of wooden materials to evoke the mild climate of Okayama. The buffet breakfast features local Okayama cuisine.
DATA:Kurashiki Ivy Square
Address/7-2 Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0054
TEL/ 086-422-0011
Night strolling!!
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Night walk


The area along the Kurashiki River has a great atmosphere at night. Please enjoy the Bikan Historical Quarter at night as if you were lost in a movie.


Drive towards the Seto Inland Sea!

Morning walk to the shrine

5 minutes walk from the hotel to the shrine / 0.4km
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Achi Shrine


Located in Kurashiki's Bikan Historical Quarter, Achi Shrine is situated at the top of Tsurugata Mountain and is dedicated to a goddess who watches over the safety of sailing. Visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year at this shrine. Breathe in the sacred morning air and enjoy the view of Kurashiki from the top of the mountain.
DATA:Achi Shrine
Address/ 12-1 Honmachi, Kurashiki, Okayama 710-0054
TEL/ 086-425-4898
Back to hotel
5 min walk / 0.4 km

After breakfast, leave by car!

From the hotel to Kojima Jeans Street
35 minutes by car / 17km
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Kojima Jeans Street


Nearly 50 stores, including local jeans makers, general merchandise stores, restaurants and cafes, line the street. Signs, buses, and ticket gates are all jeans! The whole town is filled with jeans. You can even choose buttons and rubets to make your own original jeans. Try the jeans-colored food such as ice cream and hamburgers!
DATA:Kojima Jeans Street
Address/Ajino, Kurashiki, Okayama
From Kojima Jeans Street to the sightseeing boat pier
5 minutes by car / 1.7km
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Setouchi Cruising


Enjoy the Seto Inland Sea while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. You can see the Big Bridge and Washu Mountain from the sea while listening to stories about salt production and the textile industry. We recommend the night tour where you can enjoy the night view of the bridge and the Mizushima Industrial Complex! Reservations are required for this tour.
DATA:Setouchi Cruising
Address/ 3-23 Kojimaekimae, Kurashiki, Okayama 711-0921
TEL/ 086-473-6777
From the sightseeing boat pier to the observatory
6 minutes by car / 3.5km
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Washuzan Observatory


Washuzan Observatory, a famous scenic spot in Setonaikai National Park, offers a panoramic view of the Great Seto Bridge. The view seen from the sea is now seen from the top of the mountain! As you look out over the Seto Inland Sea with its many small islands, you may be able to see a large cargo ship coming and going! The observatory also has a restaurant and open space.
DATA:Washuzan Observatory
Address/ Tanoura, Shimotsui, Kurashiki, Okayama 711-0925
TEL/ 086-426-3411
From Washuzan Observatory to Shimotsui
16 minutes by car / 9.5km



The octopus landed off Shimotsui is famous throughout Japan. Octopus is said to be delicious all year round, regardless of the season, but from fall to winter, the octopus is at its tastiest, and its concentrated flavor can be enjoyed. In this area, you can see octopus being stretched and dried, and you will be surprised at how big it is when stretched! Enjoy Tako menu!!
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Shimotsui Shipping Agent Museum


This museum is a restored building of a shipping agent's house from the Meiji era. Kurashiki was a port of call for Kitamae-bune, which brought prosperity to many parts of Japan, and in Shimotsui they unloaded fertilizers necessary for cotton cultivation and instead loaded cotton flowers. The museum introduces valuable materials from those days.
DATA:Shimotsui Shipping Agent Museum
Address/ 1-7-23 Shimodui, Kurashiki, Okayama 711-0927
TEL/ 0864797890
Return to Hotel

From the museum to the hotel
35 minutes by car / 25 km

Kurashiki Ivy Square (2nd night)


On the last day, sightseeing in Okayama!

Checked out the hotel and headed toward Okayama.

From Kurashiki to Okayama Castle
40 minutes by car / 20 km
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Okayama Castle


Okayama Castle, one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan, is called " crow castle" because of its jet-black castle tower and its appearance. From the castle tower, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Okayama Korakuen Garden and the city. The castle is also lit up on a large scale from summer to autumn.
DATA:Okayama Castle
Address/ 2-3-1 Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama, Okayama 700-0823
TEL/ 086-225-2096
Short walks
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Peach boat


Asahikawa River runs between Okayama Castle and Korakuen Garden. The peach boat is the focus of attention here! Why not get on a boat shaped like a bright peach and let yourself be swept away by the river? Rowboats and swan boats are also available.
Short walks
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Okayama Korakuen Garden


It is a feudal lord's garden built by the feudal lord of Okayama as a place of relaxation and is one of the three most famous gardens in Japan. Seasonal events such as tea picking and moon viewing are held throughout the year. The garden keeps red-crowned cranes, and if you are lucky, you may see one strolling gracefully through the garden.
DATA:Okayama Korakuen Garden
Address/1-5 Kourakuen, Kita-ku, Okayama, Okayama 703-8257 
TEL/ 086-272-1148



Barazushi, a type of sushi with a gorgeous arrangement of seafood and seasonal vegetables, is one of Okayama's most popular local dishes. It is said that bara-zushi originated in the Edo period when commoners rebelled against the order of "one soup and one vegetable" by saying, "If you put a lot of side dishes on top of rice, that's one vegetable! and that is how this dish was first created.
From Korakuen Garden to Okayama Station
8 minutes by car / 1.8km

Return rental car

From Okayama Station to Tokyo Station
3 hours 15 minutes by Shinkansen

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season(1 room for people) 66,000 JPY~
Off Season(1 room for people) 72,000 JPY~
2 nights accommodation with breakfast, tax / Rent a Car