After visiting a silk factory, head to the resort!

Departure from Fussa

From Fussa to Tomioka Silk factory in Gunma
1.5 hours by car via KenO Expressway and Kan-etsu Expressway / 103 km
To go & see

Tomioka Silk Factory


It was a silk factory built by the government in the Meiji era (1868-1912). The brick-built coloring and cocooning shed, which is over 100 meters long, has been preserved almost exactly as it was in those days, and can be visited with an English audio guide.
DATA:Tomioka Silk Factory
Address/1−1 Tomioka Tomioka Gunma 370-2316
TEL/ 0274-67-0075

Local food “Okkirikomi”

上州グルメ おっきりこみ

The specialty o-kirikomi is a local dish of Gunma and northern Saitama, a stew of many vegetables and thick udon noodles. You can enjoy seasonal flavors as it contains locally grown seasonal vegetables such as Shimonita leeks.
After lunch, go to Karuizawa
From Tomioka to Karuizawa area
45 min. by car / 45km


軽井沢プリンスホテル ウエスト

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West, whose renovation will be completed in 2021, is a popular all-season hotel located just a short distance from the station and close to shopping malls, golf courses, and ski resorts. It offers both cottage-type and bedroom guest rooms, and also has a hot spring bath.
Address/ 1016-87 karuizawa, karuizawamachi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0193
TEL/ 0267-42-1111
Go to shopping & dinner
Just a short walk
To go & see

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza


This shopping mall is located just a short distance from Karuizawa Station. With many restaurants and cafes, as well as bowling and shopping, this is a fun spot for all ages. Be sure to check out Karuizawa's local beer and gourmet food!
DATA:Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Address/ karuizawa, karuizawamachi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0102
TEL/ 0267-42-5211


Let's explore the beauty of nature's formations!!

Depart from the hotel after breakfast.

From the hotel to Kumobaike
8 minutes by car / 3km
To go & see



Kumobaike is a place where visitors can enjoy the greenery in spring and summer, and the brilliantly colored leaves in autumn. The reflection on the surface of the lake is breathtaking, and the walking path around the pond, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, will give you a more than sufficient sense of the highland resort.
Data:Kumobaike pond
Address/ karuizawa, karuizawamachi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0102
TEL/ 0267-45-8579
From the Pond to Shiraito Falls
20 minutes by car /11km
To go & see

Shiraito Falls


Located in a national forest a short distance from Karuizawa, Shiraito Falls is a graceful 3-meter-high, 70-meter-wide waterfall. It is an easy scenic spot to stop by as it is only a few minutes' walk from the free parking lot. Depending on the season, you can see a fantastic view with projection mapping at night.
DATA: Shiraito Falls
Address/Kose, Nagakura, Karuizawamachi, Sakugun, Nagano 389-0111
From Shiraito Falls to Onishidashien
12 minutes by car / 8km
To go & see

Onioshidashi Volcanic Park


Mount Asama, an active volcano located on the border of Gunma and Nagano prefectures. You can enjoy the rock surface made of flowing lava and a walking course where alpine plants bloom. From spring to fall, visitors may be able to observe "Hikarigoke," a precious plant that glows green! There is also a restaurant and a store.
DATA: Onioshidashi Volcanic Park
Address/1053 Kamahara, Tsumagoi-mura Agatsuma-gun Gunma 377-1593
TEL/ 0279-86-4141

Sake and snacks in Karuizawa


Karuizawa is home to distilleries and breweries due to the abundance of water, and there is a wide variety of local alcoholic beverages! Since there are many vacation homes, there are also many delicious restaurants and deli stores. You can also buy sake and deli and enjoy a meal at your leisure at your hotel!
Stay at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West (2nd night)


Railroad village, Kamameshi, Daruma... Enjoy Gunma on the way back home!

Check out of the hotel

From the hotel to Megane-bashi Bridge
25 minutes by car /12.5km
To go & see

Megane-bashi Bridge


The railroad bridge is nearly 30 meters high and is an arch bridge made of bricks. The ruins of the old railway line from the abandoned JR Yokogawa Station to the former Kumanodaira Station is a hiking course, and you can walk on the bridge as well.
DATA: Megane-bashi Bridge
Address/ Sakamoto, Matuidamachi, Annaka, Gunma 379-0307
TEL/ 027-385-6555
From Megane-bashi Bridge to Railway Bunkamura
10 minutes by car / 5.5km
To go & see

Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park


This is an outdoor train theme park for both adults and children. There is a train driving simulator, a mini SL, and an exhibition hall of train materials. In the park, trolleys run on abandoned railway tracks, and you can also go to a hot spring facility.Train lovers can take a one-day course and actually drive an electric locomotive!
DATA: Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park
住所/ 407-16 Yokokawa Matsuidacho, Annaka, Gunma 379-0301
TEL/ 027-380-4163



Touge no Kamameshi is a standard item to eat when you come to Yokokawa. Many people think of this when they think of ekiben(station lunch box) . It is served in a Mashiko-ware pot, and when you open the lid, you will be delighted to find it stuffed full of side dishes!!
From Yokogawa Station area to Takasaki
40 minutes by car / 23km
To go & see

Shorinzan Daruma-ji Temple

少林山 達磨寺

Takasaki is said to be the birthplace of Daruma dolls, and the Daruma Market held every New Year's is crowded with visitors. Many Daruma dolls are dedicated at Shorinzan Daruma-ji Temple, and Daruma ema (votive picture tablet) and omikuji (omikuji fortune) are also available
Data:Syorinzan Daruma-ji Temple
Address/ 296 Hanadakamachi, Takasaki Gunma 370-0868
TEL/ 027-322-8800
To go & see

Daruma doll painting


You can try your hand at painting Daruma dolls at Daruma-dera Temple and nearby facilities. Make your own Daruma doll with your original beard and patterns as a souvenir of your visit to Takasaki! Your handmade Daruma doll may bring you even more blessings!
From Darumadera Temple to Fussa
1 hour and 40 minutes by car /100km

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season(1 room for people) 113,000 JPY~
Off Season(1 room for people)55,000 JPY
2 nights accommodation with breakfast, tax / Rent a Car