Okinawa’s beaches can be enjoyed from March to October.
Be careful from August to September, as typhoons are common.

If you want to enjoy the beach in luxury, rent a car and go to northern Okinawa .
Southern Okinawa can be reached by public transportation, but you can also stay at beachfront hotels.
If you want to enjoy Okinawa for a short stay, we recommend staying in Naha City.

To go & see

Naha city

Naha Kokusai Street

Kokusai-dori is now the busiest street in Okinawa, and a symbol of reconstruction. You can find everything from souvenir shops to restaurants and cafes.

Shurijo Castle Park

Shuri Castle, a symbol of Okinawa, is said to have been built between the end of the 13th and the middle of the 14th century. The gorgeous building, a mixture of Chinese and Japanese architectural styles, is registered as a World Heritage site. It is also beautifully illuminated after sunset.

Makishi Public Market

The first floor is filled with colorful fish, meat, island vegetables, and processed goods from Okinawa, and the second floor is lined with restaurants where you can enjoy freshly prepared Okinawan gourmet food.

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum

The museum introduces the nature, history, and culture of Okinawa. In the free space, visitors can learn while playing in the hands-on experience room, and they can also try on Okinawan dyed fabrics.


Shikinaen Garden was used as a villa of the Ryukyu Kingdom and was used as a recreation area for the royal family and for entertaining guests from China. It is a very large garden that incorporates Japanese, Chinese, and Ryukyuan traditions.


Naminuegu Shrine, which can be reached on foot from the airport, is a historic shrine located on top of a cliff. It is well known by the local people. It is most famous for prayers for the fulfillment of love, a good marriage, and safe delivery.


Fuzhou Garden is a beautiful garden. The garden was created in the image of China's magnificent nature and famous scenic spots in Fuzhou, and is filled with an exotic atmosphere. The lights at night are also fantastic.

Yachimun street

Tsuboya Yachimun Street, paved with Ryukyu limestone, is lined with stores selling Okinawan pottery, including directly managed ceramic stores and select stores. Every store has a slightly different lineup of pottery, so finding a bargain is one of the fun activities here.

Southern area of Okinawa main island

Bibi Beach / Nashiro Beach

The area is perfect for those who want to enjoy an oceanfront hotel without renting a car, as it is within shuttle bus distance from the airport.

Umikaji Terrace

Opened in 2015, this commercial facility offers food and popular local sweets in a bright white patio built into the hillside. Not only are the ice lollies made from Okinawan fruits delicious, but they also look cute!

Himeyuri Peace Museum

In April 1945, the U.S. military landed on Okinawa and fierce fighting ensued, resulting in the deaths of many female students. The museum exhibits the tragic war through videos and memoirs of survivors.

Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

The vast 40-hectare park is divided into four areas. The Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum, located on the grounds, is a very worthwhile site that introduces the history of the Battle of Okinawa.

Okinawa World & Gyokusendo

This theme park introduces the nature, history and culture of Okinawa. Visitors can experience traditional Okinawan crafts and watch powerful dances such as eisa and shishi-mai (lion dance). One of the largest limestone caves in Japan is located within the facility.


It is the most cherished sacred place in Okinawa, mentioned in Ryukyuan mythology. It is a place where festivals were held in the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and the air is sacred.

North area of Okinawa main island

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The aquarium is located in the Ocean Expo Park, where you can observe manta rays and giant whale sharks in a huge tank. The sunlit coral sea tank houses 800 corals. There are also a variety of programs that explain each tank.

Kouri island

Kouri Island is 8 km in circumference and is also known as "Love Island. The 2-km-long Kouri Ohashi Bridge, which crosses the island, offers a spectacular driving course with the emerald green sea stretching out on both sides.

Nakijinjo-Castle Ruins

The castle in Okinawa is completely different from other castles in Japan. The 1.5 km long castle wall is 8 m at its highest point, and is famous for its kanhizakura cherry blossoms, which bloom around January.

Minna Island

Mizuna Island, only 15 minutes away by high-speed boat, is an ideal island for swimming and snorkeling. The shallow waters are perfect for family swimming. The island is also popular with divers.

Hiji Waterfall

Hichi-ohtaki Falls, falling 25.7 meters, is the tallest waterfall on the main island of Okinawa. With an abundance of water and a variety of flora and fauna, visitors may encounter rare plants and creatures.

Hedo Cape

This is the northernmost cape in Okinawa. The promenade is well maintained, so you can enjoy the pleasant sea breeze and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea.

Ocean Expo Park

In addition to the aquarium, other facilities in Ocean Expo Park include the Tropical Dream Center, surrounded by tropical flowers and fruits; the Oceanic Culture Museum, where visitors can learn about the wisdom of our ancestors who once crossed the great Pacific Ocean; and the Okinawa Local Village, which recreates a village in the Ryukyu Kingdom era.

Busena Marine Park

Cape Busena is an area on the west coast of Okinawa that is famous for its crystal clear waters. The Underwater Observation Tower, located further into the sea, offers a view of the colorful underwater scenery. Glass-bottomed boats allow small children to safely explore the sea.

Mihama Town Resort American Village

Mihama American Village is an entertainment-filled complex that includes a shopping mall, restaurants, a movie theater, live music venues, and a Giant Ferris Wheel. The colorful streets will lighten your step!


Natural grass spreads over the Ryukyu limestone plateau, and the surrounding plant community is designated as a natural monument of the prefecture. Visitors can also take commemorative photos wearing traditional Ryukyuan costumes.

Southeast Botanical Garden

Southeast Botanical Garden is a botanical garden resort where you can enjoy more than 1,300 kinds of rare tropical plants all year round. It has Japan's largest row of yuzura palm trees, an herb garden, animal petting zoo, and a restaurant featuring local vegetables.


Okinawa soba

Okinawan soba has a unique texture that is different from both udon and ramen. It is topped with spare ribs, meat, fish paste, red ginger, and green onion. The Japanese-style based soup will relieve the fatigue of travelers.

Taco rice

Taco rice is now a popular dish throughout Japan. It is said to have originated in Okinawa. It is full of vegetables and meat, and tastes invigorating!

Goya Champuru

Chanpuru means "to mix" in the Okinawan dialect. Goya Chanpuru, a mixture of bitter melon, island tofu, vegetables, and eggs, is well-known.

Umi budou

The plump texture of umi budou and island mozuku are a must-try when you come to Okinawa! They are served fresh.

Saa-Taa Andagi

If you get hungry in Okinawa, try the fistful of donut "Saa-Taa Andagi"! The secret to its deliciousness is eggs and brown sugar.


Chinsuko is a classic souvenir in Okinawa. It is crispy and savory because it is made with lard. There are many different flavors available, so why not compare them?