Take the Aqua-Line to the Boso Peninsula!

Departure by car!!
From the Metropolitan Expressway to the Aqua-Line

From Fussa to Umihotaru
2 hours by car / 107km
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海ほたる パーキングエリア

This is a marine parking area on the Tokyo Bay Aqualine connecting Kawasaki City in Kanagawa and Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture. It is a parking area built on a 700-meter-long artificial island, surrounded by the sea in a 360-degree, all-around direction! It's amazing to take a break at the restaurant. The sea breeze you feel on the observation deck is fantastic! At the Umimegane Technical Museum, you can enjoy an immersive video showing the construction process of the Tokyo Bay Aqualine.
Data:Umihotaru Parking Area
Address/ Nakajima, Kisarazu, Chiba 292-0071
TEL/ 0438-41-7401
From Umihotaru to Tokyo-wan Kannon
33 min. by car / 36km
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Tokyowan Kannon


Tokyo Bay Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) stands on Mount Otsubo, 120 meters above sea level. The chalk-white Kannon stands 56 meters tall, reflecting the blue sky! The Kannon's inside is 20 stories high, enshrining 13 Buddhas and 7 gods of good fortune. As you climb up the spiral staircase, you will see observation windows on the arms, shoulders, and the crown above the head. You can see the arching coastline of Cape Futtsu, Kanagawa Prefecture on the other side of the river, and even Mt.Fuji! It has been selected as one of the 100 best views of Fujimi in Kanto and one of the 100 best views of Chiba.
Data:Tokyo-wan Kannon
Address/ 1588 Kokubo, Futtsu, Chiba 293-0042
TEL/ 0439-65-1222
From Tokyo-wan Kannon to Banya
26 min. by car / 22km
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Oshokujidokoro Banya


Originally started as a diner for the people working at Hota Fishing Port, "Banya" became popular for its freshness and reasonable prices, and has since expanded to a second and third store! The fish pond you see as soon as you walk in the door is full of live fish landed at the port of Boso! They cook the freshest seasonal fish to make it taste the best! There were also lobsters swimming in the water.
Data:Oshokujidokoro Banya
Address/ 99-5 Yoshihama, Kyonanmachi, Awa-gun, Chiba 299-1908
TEL/ 0470-55-4844

Local Cuisine Fisherman’s dish


Japan's famous fish comedian "Sakana-kun" lives here, and Minamiboso is a treasure of fish! You can eat fresh and delicious seafood. In particular, because of the abundance of horse mackerels, sardines, and saury, fisherman's cuisine such as "namero", "sanga-yaki", which is grilled namero, are famous. Another dish that must not be forgotten is "Mago Chazuke"! The tataki is served on a bed of rice, and the broth is poured over it.
From Banya to Mt. Nokogiri
13 min. by car / 10km
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Mt. Nokogiri Nihon-ji

鋸山 日本寺

Designated as Minamiboso National Park, Mt. Nokogiri is 329 m above sea level, making it a popular place to enjoy easy mountain climbing throughout the year. You can also take a ropeway up to the top of the mountain, which features jagged, sheer rock faces. The best place to see is the "Jigoku Nozoki" protruding from the cliff! It's a thrilling experience. The ruins of stone quarries still remain in various places, creating a Ghibli Animation world. Halfway up the mountain is the Nihonji Temple, which houses the largest seated stone statue of the Great Buddha in Japan.
Data:Mt. Nokogiri Nihon-ji
Address/Nokogiriyama Motona, Kyonanmachi, Awa-gun, Chiba 299-1901
TEL/ 0470-55-1103
From Mt. Nokogiri to Cape Futtsu
40min. by car / 33km
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Cape Futtsu


Cape Futtsu, which juts out into Tokyo Bay, is maintained as Futtsu Park and has a swimming pool and cafeteria. The main attraction is the huge observation tower! The curiously shaped observation tower, built on the sandy beach, looks like a tower with a mysterious atmosphere when photographed at dusk. The observatory is divided into several sections, each with its own private space where you can relax and enjoy your time.
Data:Cape Futtsu
Address/ Futtsu, Futtsu Chiba 293-0021
TEL/ 0438-25-5132
From Cape Futtsu to the hotel
40min. by car / 32km

Hotel Mikazuki Ryugutei

木更津温泉 龍宮城スパ・ホテル三日月 龍宮亭

The hotel is like a Dragon's Palace with more than 60 types of hot springs with a view of Tokyo Bay, activities, and many other fun things to do. In the outdoor area, six new spots will open in 2021, including a glamping area where you can enjoy BBQ, a terrace where you can enjoy a 25m wide screen, and a wooden deck! This is THE entertainment hotel, with an animal cafe, laser show, festival land, and more. There is also a pet hotel, so you can travel with your pet without having to leave them at home.
Data:Hotel Mikazuki Ryugutei
Address/ 1 Kitahamacho, Kisarazu, Chiba, 292-0006
TEL/ 0438-41-8111


Go to the Pacific side of the Boso Peninsula. Enjoy the marine animal show and enjoy the beach♪

Departure from the hotel!

From the hotel to Kamogawa Sea World
65 min. by car / 57km
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Kamogawa Sea World


Kamogawa Sea World is a marine leisure land where you can see the unique appearance of living things as they grow in their natural environment. Particularly popular are the "marine animal shows"! The shows put on by sea lions, dolphins, beluga whales, and orca are a sight to behold. The temperamental orca’s show is quite rare and popular. There are also many attractive events such as a restaurant with a view of the orca tank, a "petting experience," and a "nighttime aquarium. Check the show times and make your way around efficiently!
Data:Kamogawa Sea World
Address/ 1464-18 Higashicho, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0041
TEL/ 04-7093-4803
From Kamogawa Sea World to Minami-Chikura beach
40 min. by car / 26km



Have you ever eaten freshly picked peanuts? They are amazingly delicious! Currently, peanuts produced in Japan account for only 10% of the total amount of peanuts in circulation. 80% of them are produced in Chiba. This is why freshly harvested, salted and boiled peanuts are so delicious! There are also peanut miso (soybean paste), fresh peanut butter, and many other kinds of sweets made from peanuts.
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Minami Chikura Beach


Minamiboso is a popular area for surfing and swimming among people living in the Kanto area due to the high clarity of the sea. Minami-Chikura Beach has a 400-meter-long coastline with dazzling blue waters and white sands reminiscent of a southern island! It is a popular beach for families as well as surfing enthusiasts. Free parking, toilets, and showers are also available!
Data:Minami Chikura Beach
Address/ Minami-Asai, Chikuracho, Minami-Boso, Chiba 295-0012
From Minami-Chikura Beach to Tomiura
30min. by car / 16km
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Michi-no-eki Tomiura

道の駅とみうら 枇杷倶楽部

This is a roadside station that arranges seasonal fruit picking with farmers.This is one of the six "national model" roadside stations selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It has been recognized for its excellence as a base for regional revitalization. There are more than 50 kinds of original products developed by the company! Especially popular is the loquat ice cream made with loquat and milk, which spreads its fragrance in your mouth the moment you eat it. The surrounding area is filled with flower fields, and the rape blossom season from February to March is a must-see!
Data:Michi-no-eki Tomiura
Address/ 123-1 Aoki, Tomiuracho, Minami Boso, Chiba 299-2416
TEL/ 0470-33-4611

Fruits Picking !


The warm climate of the Boso Peninsula allows for a lot of fruit cultivation, and it's great that you can enjoy fruit picking all year round! Strawberries, loquat, blueberries, watermelon, melon, pears, grapes, and mandarin oranges are all available at the market at reasonable prices.
From Tomiura to Tokyo via the Aqua-Line
120 min. by car / 130km

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Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season (1 room for 2 people)  25,000JPY~
Off season (1 room for 2 people) 21,000JPY~
1night accommodation with breakfast and dinner Tax

Sights Information

Yoro Valley

Yoro Valley is one of the best hot spring resorts in Chiba, where you can enjoy mountain stream fishing, hiking, river rafting, and barbecues. The promenade is well maintained, so it is easy to walk even with casual clothes. We recommend the "Waterfall Tour Course," which takes you around the waterfalls scattered throughout the valley while taking in the wonderful scenery! The area is crowded with tourists during the autumn season. The Kominato Railway, a local train line, has a lovely retro car body, so going by public transportation is also a good idea!


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is one of the most popular temples in Japan, with over 10 million visitors a year. The temple has been crowded with worshippers since the Edo period. Lake Inba near Narita-san has been blessed with good fishing grounds since ancient times, and eels have been served to worshippers, so there are still many restaurants serving eel dishes near the approach to the temple. In addition to halls, there are also parks in the vast precincts, and there are many power spots that are said to improve one's luck!

Boso Flower Line

The 46 km road that runs along the coastline of Minami-Boso is called the Boso Flower Line, and it is decorated with seasonal flowers such as rape blossoms from January to spring and marigolds in summer. There are also many sightseeing spots around the Flower Line, such as the Susaki Lighthouse, Tateyama Family Park, golf course, Tateyama Wild Bird Forest, and Awa Shrine!


Chiba Prefecture is actually a hot spot for runners! At the Chiba Aqualine Marathon, you can run the Aqualine on your own! At the Watermelon Road Race held in Tomiura, a watermelon producing area, there is a "watermelon supply station" where you can quench your thirst with watermelon as you head for the finish line... The Michikusa Ultra Marathon, where you can enjoy the time and distance at your own pace, takes you along the coastline of Minamiboso.


Choshi was the first place in Chiba to be recognized as a Japan Geopark, and is popular as an area where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes. It is also home to the rough and majestic Byobugaura, a lighthouse standing at Inubozaki, and the Tone River, the largest river basin in Japan, flowing out to the sea. At Byobugaura, you can see a 3-million-year-old geological formation that is sure to impress! There are also many sightseeing spots such as Inubosaki Hot Springs where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean, the Chikyu no Marukumieru Oka Observation Hall where you can enjoy magnificent scenery, Choshi Port Tower, and dolphin watching.


Animal Wonder Rezourt is a new resort-type zoo consisting of "Ichihara Elephant Country" and "Sayuri World". Ichihara Elephant Country is home to about 70 species of animals, including the largest number of elephants in Japan, capybaras, and hippos. It is a zoo where you can interact with animals more closely. There are also interesting events such as elephant painting and elephant rides where you can ride on the nose of a statue!