Enjoy the topography of Goto. The island's symbol "Onidake" and the lava coast.

Arrive at Fukue Airport.
Rent a car and head to Onidake.
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Goto Fukue Airport


Fukue Airport, as known as Goto Tsubaki Airport, has a two-story with an observation deck on the roof. In addition to seeing Onidake, the symbol of Goto, you can also see the runway. There are flights to and from Nagasaki Airport and Fukuoka Airport
Data: Goto Fukue Airport
Address/2183 Kamiozucho, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0013
TEL/ 0959-72-5151
From the airport to Mt. Onidake
10min. by car / 5km
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Mt. Onidake


Mt. Onidake (height: 315m), is an unusual mountain covered with mountain grass instead of trees because the top is burned once every three years. It is the main sightseeing area for Fukue since guests can see the main business area of the city, the surrounding islands, and Fukue port.
Data:Mt. Onidake
Address/ Kamiozucho, Goto, Nagasaki〒853-0013
From the mountain to the coast
6min. by car / 3km
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Abunze Coast


During the Onidake eruption, lava flowed into the sea and formed a complex coastline that is now covered in part by a subtropical forest. At the visitor’s center, guests can learn about the nature of the landscape, geology, animals, and plants of the Goto Islands.
Address/Nonokirecho, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0024
TEL/ 0959-73-6955 (Abunze visitor center)

◇Local Food◇

Gotō udon is a thin noodle with a strong texture and a unique texture due to the camellia oil kneaded into it. The soup stock is basically agodashi, a broth made from grilled flying fish. Goto beef is highly regarded for its tender meat, elasticity, taste and aroma. Most of the beef is eaten within the prefecture and does not reach the rest of Japan, so take the opportunity to eat it on your trip! Kattopo is one of Goto’s most popular fisherman’s meals.
Head to the hotel

Goto's Conkana Resort and Winery attractions


This is a place where one can take a break while experiencing the beauty of natural surroundings, and eating delicious foods. Play, eat and be healed. Please enjoy the high quality relaxation. Take a deep breath while surrounded by the beauty of Goto's seasons.
Data:Goto's Conkana Resort and Winery attractions
Address/24143 Kamiozucho, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0013
TEL/ 0959-72-1348


Visiting churches on this island where Christianity was preached in the 16th century.

Departure from the hotel.
From the hotel to Dozaki church
25min. by car / 14km
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Dozaki church


Dozaki church is a full-scale, redbrick, gothic-style church. The church is now a museum displaying many items relating to the history of Christianity in Goto. These include items which held significance for the Hidden Christians.
Data:Dozaki church
Address/2015 Okuuracho, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0053
TEL/ 0959-73-0705
Head to the another church.
27min. by car / 16km
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Mizunoura church


The original building was constructed in 1880, the present one was built in 1938. This church is a beautiful white-walled church with a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and Japanese architecture. It is the largest wooden church and its appearance in the blue sky is very beautiful.
Data:Mizunoura church
Address/1643-1 Kishiku, Kishikumachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0701
TEL/ 0959-82-0103
Head to the gothic church
6min. by car / 4km
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Kusuhara church


It is the second oldest existing church after the Dozaki church and constructed in 1912. The exterior is brick Gothic and the interior has rib vault ceilings. Hidden Christians lived and survived nearby.
Data:Kusuhara Church
Address/736-3 Kusuhara, Kishikumachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0703
From the church to the beach
15min. by car / 11.5km
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Takahama Beach


With its pristine, crystalline sand, Takahama Beach is a favorite among locals and tourists. Boasting some of the whitest sands and bluest waters of all Japan's beaches, Takahama Beach has been named one of Japan's top tourist attractions and beaches.
Address/Kaitsu, Miirakumachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0604
From the beach to the lighthouse
40min. by car / 28.5km
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Osezaki Lighthouse


Formed by erosion from the harsh waves, Osezaki has become a natural beauty. The chalk lighthouse on the cliffs of Osezaki is one of the 50 lighthouses in Japan. With a viewing deck and a gazebo, you can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view and cliffs. You can also take a boat to see the cliffs from the ocean.
Data:Osezaki Lighthouse
Address/ Tamanoura, Tamanuramachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0411
From the lighthouse to Imochiura church
10min. by car / 4.5km
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Imochiura church


The brick church, built by the French Father Peru, was the first Romanesque style in Goto. The Lourdes is a cave built with rocks collected from various parts of Goto Islands. Besides the cave is a spring, into which holy water of Lourdes was poured.
Data:Imochiura church
Address/ 1243 Tamanura, TAmanouramachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0411
TEL/ 0879-82-5000
Back to the hotel
46min. by car / 34.5km

Goto's Conkana Resort and Winery attractions (2nd night)


The history of the island can be seen from the cityscape. Let's take a walk like an expedition!

Departure from the hotel.
From the hotel to Fukue castle
10min. by car / 5km
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Fukue Castle(Ishida Castle)


Fukue Castle, which is famous as the only sea castle with three sides facing the sea, is the last castle to be built as part of the castle system in Japan. The garden is unique because it uses Onidake lava for garden stones and artificial hills, and subtropical plants are arranged for planting
Data:Fukue Castle(Ishida Castle)
Address/1-2 Ikedamachi, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0007
TEL/ 0959-72-6111
Strolling around the castle.
5min. walk / 0.4km
To go & see

Street of the Samurai Quarter


Samurai houses line the street near the ruins of Fukue Castle. The stone walls of the moat next to the gate consist of round stones called "kobore-ishi," and there are semicircular stones at either end in a unique design not found elsewhere. Many of the gates are of a majestic "yakuimon" style.
Data:Street of the Samurai Quarter
Address/2 Bukeyashiki, Goto, Nagasaki 〒853-0017
From the Samurai street to the airport
8min. by car / 4km

Return to the car

From Fukue Airport to Nagasaki Airport
From Nagasaki Airport to Tokyo


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season (1 room for 2 people) 100,700JPY~
Off season (1 room for 2 people) 80,300JPY~
Round trip Airfare, Rent-a-car, 2 accommodation with breakfast, tax

Sights Information


The Hetomato Festival is so unique and special. The highlight of the festival, where local men throw single girls onto a big mat in the shape of shoe. This is believed to bring happiness to the lucky ladies!


"Chan" means the sound of a drum, and "Coco" means the sound of a drum, which is a festival held during the Obon festival. This is your chance to watch an ancient Buddhist dance that has been performed on Goto since 1187!


In the Goto dialect, "kankoro" means sweet potato cut into thin slices and dried in the sun. The sweet potatoes are harvested, peeled, boiled and dried in the cold northern wind. Making hot kankoromochi rice cakes with mortars and pestles is a popular activity to try.


Camellia has been deeply involved in people's lives since ancient times in Goto. Not only you can enjoy varieties of camellia flowers, but you can also enjoy dishes and cosmetics that use camellia oil.

Fukue port

Fukue Port, the gateway to Goto City, has routes to Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Narushima, Hisakajima, Kamigoto, as well as Kabashima, Akashima, and Huangdao. Various events are held at Goto Port Park throughout the year.


Mizuika is the name of the Kyushu region of "Aori squid". It has the sweetest taste among squid and is very delicious. The thickly sliced sashimi is amazing, and try the sun-dried dried squid. The taste of squid is condensed tightly.

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