Timing is important!To the most popular tourist spots on the island

Arrive at Takamatsu Airport
Proceed to Takamatsu Airport by limousine bus.

From the airport to Takamatsu port
60min. by bus / 22km
To go & see

Takamatsu Port


Takamatsu Port, which has occupied an important position as a gateway to the sea in Shikoku and as a maritime traffic on remote islands such as Honshu, Naoshima, and Shodoshima, has developed as a commercial port, tourist port, and industrial port. It is just a short walk from JR Takamatsu Station.
Data: Takamatsu port
Address/8-22, Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa
From Takamtsu port to Tonoso port
60min. by ferry / 22km
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Tonoso port


Tonosho Port, has the most frequent ferry connections from both Takamatsu and Okayama, while Kusakabe Port in the southeast is located somewhat more central to many of the sightseeing spots and is also popular. There are also rental bicycles and baggage storage, so make good use of convenient services when sightseeing around the port.
Data:Tonosho port
Address / 6194-11 Tonoshocho Ko, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4101
From the port to Angel Road
28min. walk / 2.2km
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Angel Road


Angel Road is built out of sand between Shodoshima and its neighboring island that only appears when the tide is out. According to the romantic local legend, if you walk along this road while holding hands with a special someone, your wishes will come true; this is a great place to visit on a date♡
Data:Angel Road
Address /Ginbaura, Tonoshocho, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4661
From the port to the hotel
32min. by bus / 17.5km

After checking in at the hotel, let’s go for a walk
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Hishio no Sato, or “soy sauce village”, has over 20 soy sauce and tsukudani (seaweed cooked in soy sauce) manufacturers. Some of the soy sauce factories in the Hishio no Sato area is open for educational tours.
Address /Umaki, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun 〒761-4426
Back to the hotel.

8 min. walk / 0.5km

Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima


Located in Shodoshima, Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima is in a national park and near the beach. Featuring an outdoor pool and natural hot spring baths on the top floor, All guestrooms offer great ocean views. Free WiFi access is available at the lobby and in all guestrooms. There is also a free transfer to the port, and you can rent a car at the hotel from 1 hour.
Data:Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima
Address /16-3 Furue otsu, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun, Kagawa〒761-4422
TEL/ 0879-82-5000


Visiting scenic spots! The charm of Shodoshima is also in the mountains ♪

Departure from the hotel
Head to Kankakei
30min. by car / 18.5km
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Kankakei is one of the three most beautiful valleys in Japan and is a popular sightseeing spot in the fall thanks to its red leaves. From the ropeway, you can enjoy spectacular views of the entire valley.
Address /168 Kankakedori otsu, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun, Kagawa
From Kankakei to Choshikei Monkey Park
15min. by car / 7.5km
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Choshikei Monkey Park

小豆島銚子渓 自然動物園 お猿の国

Two troupes of roughly 500 Japanese macaques live on the mountain and roam freely around the park. In addition, there are also a few exotic monkeys and dozens of peacocks found in enclosures. Visitors can observe the monkeys or feed them from a special caged feeding room.
Data:Choshikei Monkey Park
Address /3387-10 Kaerugo, Hitoyama aza, Tonoshocho, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4151
From the monkey park to Senmaida
15min. by car / 8km
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Nestled up against the mountains in Shodoshima's interior are the Senmaida or "one thousand rice fields". Seemingly hundreds of terraced rice fields are built into the surrounding hills, creating a beautiful rural sight. In the nearby village stands an outdoor kabuki stage on which local kabuki plays have been performed since the Edo Period.
Address /1486 Nakayama, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4303
From Senmaida to Shodoshima Olive Park
15min. by car / 7km
To go & see

Shodoshima Olive Park

道の駅 小豆島オリーブ公園

Shodoshima Olive Park is a large park focused on Shodoshima's delicious olives. Containing an herb garden, olive museum, restaurants, and even onsen, there is much to do, see, and eat at this must-visit destination.
Data:Shodoshima Olive Park
Address /1941-1 Nishimura ko, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4434
Head to a movie location!!
21min. by car / 13km
To go & see

24 Eyes Movie Studio


The location of the 1954 movie "Twenty-four Eyes," is the movie studio 24 Eyes Movie Studio. Here you will find a traditional fisherman's house and a wooden elementary school; a visit here is sure to have you feeling as though you've slipped back in time to Japan's more modest and peaceful days.
Data:24 Eyes Movie Studio
Address /Tanoura, Shodoshimacho, Shozugun, Kagawa 〒761-4424
TEL/ 0879-82-2455
Back to the hotel
10min. by car / 6km

Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima (2nd night)


History makes the city. Let's walk through A Maze Town!

Check out at the hotel.
Proceed to Tonosho port.

From the hotel to the Tonosho port
32min. by bus / 18km

Have your luggage stored at the port and take a walk around the port.
If you couldn't go to Angel Road on the first day, check the low tide time and go on the last day!

◇Local Food◇

A rice bowl using fresh Shodoshima ingredients (including the soy sauce, of course). The ingredients in the Hishio-don rice bowls vary by restaurant. You can also try out soy sauce desserts, such as soy sauce soft serve.Olive Ramen kneaded with olive oil has a refreshing salty taste. The sourness of the lemon goes very well. Try the olive pigs that grew up healthy by eating feed mixed with olives ♪
From the port to a maze town
20 min. walks /1.6km
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A Maze Town


Maze Town, is an area with narrow, slightly-confusing alleyways lined with old Japanese buildings and structures from the 1950s and 60s. It is another fun place to stroll down and take pictures. The area also has gorgeous Saikoji, a red temple with a pagoda that can be seen from an alley.
Data: Maze town
Address /Tonoshocho ko, Shouzugun, Kagawa 〒761-4100
Back to the port

From Tonosho port to Takamatsu
60min. by ferry / 22km

Take a limousine bus.
From Takamatsu port to Takamatsu Airport
40min. by bus / 16km

Back to Tokyo


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season (1 room for 2 people) 80,800JPY~
Off season (1 room for 2 people) 53,900JPY~
Round trip Air fare, Rent-a-car, 2 nights accommodations with breakfast, tax

Sights Information

Somen Noodles

Making somen noodles started 400 years ago as subsidiary business in Shodoshima, during winter when the farms were less busy. All ingredients including wheat, salt, and sesame oil to put on the surface of the noodles were made within the island. It continues to be made using the traditional hand-rolled manufacturing method.


The beginning of olive cultivation in Japan began about 100 years ago when Shodoshima was designated as a cultivation test site. Not only processed olive foods, but also cosmetics such as skin care are made because they are good for beauty.

Yuhigaoka (Sunset hill)

As the name implies, this is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. This hill has been selected as one of the "100 Best Sunsets in Japan". There is a comfortable terrace with benches and tables.

Olive post

Olive Park has only one "Happy Olive Post" in the world. Olives are also used in the design of national flags and are a symbol of peace and happiness. Send a letter from here and try to share your happiness.

Fukuda port

Located in the northeast of Shodoshima, this port connects Himeji Port in Hyogo with seven ferries a day. It takes about 100 minutes to Himeji and recommended for sightseeing with Himeji and Kobe.

Dobuchi Kaikyo

Strait of Dobuchi is the narrowest strait in the world, 9.93 meters (32.58 feet) in a narrower area. A crossing certificate (charged) is also issued at the Tonosho Town Hall next to the strait.