Head to the hot spring resort by express train with a great view!

From Fussa Station to Nagano Station by Shinkansen about 3 hours

Arrival at Nagano Station!



When you get to Nagano, have some Shinshu soba for lunch! The well-drained volcanic ash land and cool climate in Nagano produces delicious soba noodles. There are many famous soba restaurants in front of Nagano Station.
From Nagano Station to Yudanaka Onsen Station
40 min. by express train
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Nagano Electric Railway


Nagano Electric Railway runs from Nagano Station to Yudanaka Onsen. The Yukemuri Limited Express has observation seats in the first car, and the Snow Monkey Limited Express has one private room per car. Enjoy them like an attraction!
Arrive at Yudanaka Onsen station.
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Yudanaka Onsen


Yudanaka Shibu Onsen Hot Spring Village, which has been popular for over 1,300 years, consists of nine hot springs. Yudanaka Onsen is located close to the station, and visitors can enjoy not only hot spring accommodations, but also day-trip hot spring baths and footbaths. Take a quick break at the footbath at Kaede no Yu, located just a short walk from the station!
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20 min. by walk

Shibu Onsen Kanaguya

渋温泉 歴史の宿 金具屋

Located within Shibu Onsen, which is blessed with an overwhelming amount of hot spring water, Kanaguya has three large baths and five private open-air baths with different spring water qualities. The building is a nationally registered tangible cultural property with a nostalgic atmosphere.
DATA:Shibu Onsen Kanaguya
Address/ 2202 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimo Takai-gun, Nagano 381-0141
TEL/ 0269-33-3131
Explore Shibu Onsen! ♨︎ ♨︎
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9 Onsen Hopping


There are nine public bathhouses in Shibu Onsen that are used by locals. These bathhouses can be enjoyed by those who stay at Shibu Onsen. Each one has its own special qualities and benefits. Please find your favorite hot spring by having your original tenugui stamped on it.
DATA:9 Onsen Hopping
Address/ 2112-1 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimo Takai-gun, Nagano 381-0141
TEL/ 026-933-2921
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Stay at Kanaguya


After enjoying snow monkeys, go to Temple Town.

Check-out at Ryokan after breakfast

From the hotel to Jigokudani Yaen-koen
15 minutes by taxi / 4km
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Snow Monkey


Jigokudani Yaen-koen is called Jigokudani because it is covered with snow for one-third of the year and steam rises from everywhere. Because of the harsh cold environment, wild Japanese monkeys also soak in the hot springs to warm themselves. Tourists from all over the world visit the valley to catch a glimpse of the monkeys comfortably enjoying the hot springs.
DATA/ Snow Monkey
Address/ 6845 Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimo Takai-gun, Nagano 381-0141
TEL/ 0269-33-4379
From Jigokudani Yaen-koen to Yudanaka Onsen Station
50 minutes by bus / 7km

From Yudanaka Onsen Station to Zenkojishita Station
Approx. 1 hour by Nagano Electric Railway

15 minutes walk from the station to Zenkoji Nakamise Street / 600m
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Zenkoji Street

善光寺 仲見世通り

If you are going to Zenkoji Temple, you will also want to check out the delicious stores along Nakamise-dori! Shinshu specialty oyaki, sweets using local chestnuts, Shinshu miso, soba noodle shops, and stores perfect for eating and walking are all lined up along the street.
DATA:Zenkoji Nakamise Street
Address/ 483 Nagano Motoyoshicho, Nagano, Nagano 380-0851
Short walk from Nakamise to Zenkoji Temple
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Zenkoji Temple has long been loved and cherished by the masses for its promise of a paradise once visited. The temple has a history of over 1,400 years and is home to Japan's oldest statue of Buddha, the Ikko-Sanson Amida Nyorai, which is visited by even more people every seven years when the temple is open to the public.
Address/ 491 Nagano Motoyoshicho, Nagano, Nagano 380-0851



Shichimi Togarashi is one of the most popular souvenirs from Zenkoji Temple. In addition to the standard 7 spices, the lineup includes a wide variety of sweets and cosmetics that use spices. There is also a service that allows you to make your own shichimi, so you can create your own original shichimi!
DATA:Yawataya Isogoro Shop
Address/ 83 Daimoncho, Nagano, Nagano 380-0841
TEL/ 026-232-8277
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Sake Brewary


There are nearly 80 sake breweries in Nagano Prefecture. There is a sake brewery near Zenkoji Temple that offers sake brewery tours, tastings, and a store. Visitors can learn about the sake brewing process and see an old sake brewery used since the Meiji period, modern facilities today, and a collection of labels that change from era to era.
DATA:Yoshinoya Sake Brewary
Address/ 941 Nishinomoncho, Nagano, Nagano 380-0857
TEL/ 090-2248-1324
From Zenkoji Temple to the temple of today's accommodation
Short walk

Check-in at the temple


宿坊 良性院

There are nearly 40 shukubo at Zenkoji Temple. How about a shukubo experience with vegetarian meals made without fish or meat, and the opportunity to worship at the morning rituals held each morning? There are also options such as goma prayer, zazen meditation, and sutra copying, so you can explore Zen's world.
DATA:Syukubo Ryoseiin
Address/ 498 Motoyoshicho, Nagano, Nagano 380-0851
TEL/ 026-233-2386

Shojin Cuisine




Morning Prayer & Zen Experience

Wake up in the morning and go to morning worship with the priest
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Morning at Zenkoji begins with sunrise. Oasaji is a Buddhist memorial service held every morning, and the main hall echoes with the chanting of sutras and nembutsu (Buddhist prayer) performed by the monks. When the monks enter and leave the main hall, they pat the heads of visitors with their prayer beads, which is said to bring blessings.
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Zen Activity


If you are staying at a temple, why not try zazen or sutra chanting? You will find yourself relaxed and at peace as you listen to the monk's teachings. It is the perfect way to start your day!

Local Food


In Nagano Prefecture, where there is no ocean, carp cultivation using rice paddies has been popular for a long time. Saku carp, in particular, has a reputation for having no odor and a firm body. Enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as carp arai(sashimi), koikoku (carp stew), and umani.
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From Nagano to Fussa station
About 3 hours by Shinkansen

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Off Season(1 room for people) 68,000JPY~
Peak Season(1 room for people) 68,000JPY~
Round trip Shinkansen tickets with reserved seat.
1 night Onsen accommodation with breakfast and dinner /
1 night Temple accommodation with breakfast and dinner/ tax

Sights Information

Shiga Kogen

Shiga Kogen is an area where you can enjoy activities all year round: camping and hiking in the marshlands and lakes in summer, and skiing, snowboarding, and hot springs in winter. With ski slopes and more than 50 gondolas and lifts, it is a great place to visit for beginners, advanced skiers, and families.


Obuse, located between Nagano Electric Railway, Nagano and Yudanaka, has become a popular tourist destination in recent years due to the efforts made to develop the town. You can enjoy history, art, and delicious food in a compact area. Obuse's chestnut sweets and wineries are so much fun for gourmet lovers.