Rent a car and head to Onsen Prefecture

From Haneda Airport to Oita Airport
Approximately 1.5 hours

Rent a car and leave the airport.

From the airport to the Beppu ropeway entrance
45 minutes by car / 50km
To go & see

Beppu Ropeway


This ropeway takes you to the top of the 1,375-meter-high Tsurumidake Mountain in Aso Kujyu National Park. The summit offers a panoramic view of Beppu Bay, cherry blossoms in spring, cool weather in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and a close-up view of beautiful tree ice in winter.
DATA:Beppu Ropeway
Address/ 10-7 Aza-Kanbara, Oaza-Minami-Tateishi, Beppu-city, Oita, Japan 874-0000
TEl/ 0977-22-2277
From the ropeway to Myoban Onsen
15 minutes by car / 7.5km
To go & see

Myoban Onsen


One of the eight hot springs in Beppu, Myoban Onsen is located on top of a mountain and is surrounded by serenity and nature. Visitors can observe the production of yunohana (hot spring flowers) in a thatched hut. The water is a beautiful milky blue-white color, and the "mud baths" are popular.
DATA:Myoban Onsen
Address/ Myoban Onsen Beppu, Oita 874-0843
TEL/ 0977-66-8166

Jigoku-mushi Pudding


Beppu offers a wide variety of geothermally heated dishes, but the "jigoku-mushi pudding" is a must-try when you visit Myoban Onsen!
The rich sweetness of the pudding and the bitter caramel sauce will soak into your body after your bath.
From Myoban Onsen to Kannawa Onsen
8 minutes by car / 3km
To go & see

Kannawa Onsen


Kannawa Onsen, which has the largest number of hot spring sources in Beppu, strongly preserves the atmosphere of a traditional therapeutic bath. The Onsen Museum, which opened in 2022, allows visitors to relive the process of onsen production through projection mapping and visual art. The Kannawa Mushi-yu, where visitors lie on a bed of medicinal herbs, is very popular.
DATA:Kannawa Onsen
Address/ Kannawa, Beppu, Oita 874-0046
Short walks

Steamed Cuisine


Visitors can experience "jigoku-mushi ryori," a traditional cooking method that has been used in Beppu Kannawa Onsen since the Edo period, using 100% geothermal energy from the hot spring steam. The salt-containing hot spring steam steams the food all at once, locking in the original flavor of the ingredients. The menu includes seafood, meat, eggs, vegetables, dim sum, sweets, and more.
Address/ 5 Furo Beppu Oiata 874-0044
TEL/ 0977-66-3775
From Kannawa Onsen to today's hotel
15 minutes by car / 5km

Suginoi Hotel

別府温泉 杉乃井ホテル

Suginoi Hotel is a large resort hotel located on a hilltop with a large open-air bath with five-tiered bathtubs spread out like terraced rice paddies, offering a panoramic view of Beppu Bay. Rooms are available for singles, couples, families, and groups. There is also a hot spring where you can play in bathing suits, a fountain show, bowling, and other activities.
DATA:Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel
Address/ 1 Kangaiji, Beppu, Oita 874-0822  
TEL/ 0977-78-8888


Enjoy a tour of hell! Move to Yufuin in the afternoon.

Check out of hotel
Go on a bus tour of 7 hells!
To go & see



Umi-Jigoku" is the starting point of the Beppu Hell Tour. The cobalt-blue beauty of this hell, which is said to have been created approximately 1,300 years ago, will instantly catch your attention. The grounds are surrounded by a natural garden, where you can enjoy the colorful scenery according to the season.
Address/ 559-1 Kannawa, Beppu Oita 874-0045
TEL/ 0977-66-0121
From Umi-Jigoku to Onishi-Bozu Jigoku
A short walk
To go & see

Oniishi Bozu Jigoku


The sight of boiling gray mud is truly a scene from hell! Named after the ripples in the mud that resemble the head of a monk, Onishi Bozu Jigoku also has a footbath in the park. The geothermally steamed Xiao long bao is exquisite!
DATA:Oniishi Bozu Jigoku
Address/ 559-1 Kannawa, Beppu Oita 874-0045
TEL/ 0977-27-6655
From Onishi Bozu Jigoku to Kamado Jigoku
A short walk
To go & see

Kamado Jigoku


There are six hells in Kamado Jigoku, from 1 to 6. You will find a hell that turns blue, green, or other colors depending on the temperature and weather conditions, as well as a hell with a flower garden. Please soak in one of the three types of footbaths.
DATA:Kamado Jigoku
Address/ 621 Kannawa, Beppu Oita 874-0045
TEL/ 0977-66-0178
head to the next Hell
A short walk
To go & see

Oniyama Jigoku


Oniyama Hell, also known as Crocodile Hell, is, as the name suggests, home to many crocodiles. Beppu's hell tourism was revitalized about 100 years ago. Since then, they started breeding crocodiles for the enjoyment of tourists, and now there are nearly 80 crocodiles!
You can even feed the crocodiles on weekends♪
DATA:Oniyama Jigoku
Address/ 625 Kannawa, Beppu Oita 874-0045
TEL/ 0977-67-1500
Oniyama Hell to Shiraike Hell
A short walk
To go & see

Shiraike Jigoku


Shiraike Jigoku has a serene atmosphere and a beautifully landscaped Japanese garden. Be sure to check out the Tropical Fish Pavilion, which utilizes hot spring steam heat and has rare tropical fish such as pirarucu and piranha!
DATA:Shiraike Jigoku
Address/ 283-1 Kannawa, Beppu Oita 874-0045
TEL/ 0977-66-0530
Move to nexr hell!
6 min. by car / 2.5km
To go & see

Chinoike Jigoku


Blood Pond Hell is known as the oldest natural hell in Japan. The mud containing iron oxide and magnesium oxide is dyed red and is very powerful. The Blood Pond skin ointment, which can only be purchased here, is very popular because of its excellent packaging.
DATA:Chinoike Jigoku
Address/ 778 Noda, Beppu, Oita 874-0016
TEL/ 0977-66-1191
From Blood Pond Hell to Tatsumaki Hell
A short walk
To go & see

Tatsumaki Jigoku


Tatsumaki Jigoku is a geyser hell, which erupts every 30-40 minutes with a powerful sound and steam, and is a sight to behold! It is recommended to go there in time for the geysers.
Delicious gelato and fresh juices from nearby farms and ranches are available!!
DATA:Tatsumaki Jigoku
Address/ 782 Noda, Beppu, Oita 874-0016
TEL/ 0977-66-1854
After the tour, go to Yufuin

From Beppu Station area to Sagiridai
30 minutes by car / 18km
To go & see

Aso-Kuju National Park Sagiridai


The road from Beppu to Yufuin runs through the mountains and offers a great view. The view of Mt. Yufudake and the town of Yufuin can be seen from the viewpoint of Sagiridai. There are also restrooms and a store, making it the perfect place to take a break from driving!
DATA:Aso-Kuju National Park Sagiridai
Address/ 1916-14 Kawakami, Yufuincho, Yufu, Oita 879-5102
To go & see



Yufudake, with its peak resembling two ears, is also known by the name "Bungo Fuji" because of its majestic appearance. It has long been revered as a mountain of the gods. The mountain is also beautiful for its autumn foliage and foggy ice, and is crowded with climbers throughout the year.
Head to Yunotsubo Kaido
8 minutes by car / 5km
To go & see

Yunotsubo street


This is the main street of Yufuin Onsen Town on the road from JR Yufuin Station to Kinrin Lake. Stores selling Oita's specialties and local gourmet foods line the street. Take a leisurely stroll through the elegant streets.
DATA:Yunotsubo street
Address/ Yunotsubo, Kawakami, Yufuincho, Yufu, Oita 879-5102
From Yunotsubo Highway to the hotel
7 minutes by car / 3.5km

Yufuin Hanayoshi


Hanayoshi, where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Yufu, has standard detached guest rooms with an open-air bath.
Relax in the alkaline, mild and beautifully skin-like hot water. Enjoy each moment of the sumptuous cuisine made with seasonal ingredients, the star-filled night sky, and the fantastic morning mist.
DATA:Yufuin Hanayoshi
Address/ 913-11 Kawakita, Yufuincho, Yufu, Oita 879-5114
TEL/ 0977-85-5000


Enjoy Yufuin's hot springs and stroll

Go for a morning walk
To go & see

Lake Kinrin


The lake is fed by spring water and hot springs, so the water temperature is high, and from fall to winter, the steam rising from the lake surface is fantastic. There is a walking trail, so be sure to get up early and go for a walk!
DATA:Lake Kinrin
Address/ 1561-1 Kawakami, Yufuincho, Yufu, Oita 879-5102
Check out of the hotel

To Japan's Three Greatest Medicinal Baths
15 minutes by car / 13 km
To go & see

Tsukahara Onsen


Tsukahara Onsen, known as one of the three most medicinal hot springs in Japan, is a hot spring with a long history. The spring is famous for its strong acidity and high iron and aluminum ion content and is said to be effective for atopic dermatitis and skin diseases, attracting visitors from all over Japan. Visitors can also tour the crater.
DATA:Tsukahara Onsen
Address/ 1235 Tsukahara, Yufuincho, Yufu, Oita 879-5101
TEL/ 0977-85-4101
From Tsukahara Onsen to Kitsuki Castle
37 minutes by car / 36km
To go & see

Kitsuuki Castle


Kitsuki City is an area that flourished as a castle town and known as Bungo's Little Kyoto. Kitsuki Castle, said to be the smallest castle in Japan, is surrounded on three sides by natural fortifications such as see and river. The townscape retains the scenery of those days, with stone-paved slopes and samurai residences with plaster walls. You can rent a bicycle, stroll around in a kimono, or take a guided tour.
DATA:Kitsuki Castle
Address/ 16-1 Kitsuki, Kitsuki, Oita 873-0001
TEL/ 097-862-4532



Oita's Nakatsu Karaage is famous throughout Japan, and Toriten, or chicken tempura, is the soul food of Oita residents! It is even better with a squeeze of kabosu, Oita's citrus fruit!
From Kitsuki Castle to Nata shrine
17 minutes by car / 10km
To go & see



Located on the beautiful Nata Beach with its sandy beach and pine forests, the shrine has a torii gate built on a rocky reef and enshrines two goddesses, which is believed to bring good luck in marriage, fulfillment of love, and restoration of relationships. The torii gate standing in the sea at sunrise is a photogenic sight!
DATA:Nata-gu shrine
Address/ 229 Nata, Kitsuki, Oita 873-0032
TEL/ 097-863-8088
From Nata beach to Oita Airport
10 minutes by car / 7.5km

From Oita to Haneda
About 1.5 hours by flight

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Off Season(1 room for 2 people) 145,000 JPY~
Peak Season(1 room for 2 people)185,000 JPY~
Round Trip Airfare Tokyo- Oita/ Rent-A-Car for 3 days /
2 nights accommodation with breakfast / Hell tour with a guide / tax

Sights Information

Mt. Takasaki

Mt. Takasaki is on the Beppu Sea coast. It is shaped like a bowl. Takasaki is home to wild Japanese monkeys, and many of them gather here during feeding time. The staff will happily explain the habits and ecology of the monkeys to you.

Aquarium Umitamago

Umitamago, an aquarium located near Mt. Takasaki, is based on the theme of an aquarium where visitors can get close to animals. You can enjoy marine life through dolphin and walrus shows and a tank where they can touch fish.


The Kunitachi Peninsula, where Oita Airport is located, is dotted with stone Buddhas and old temples. The huge Buddha carved into a rock wall is worth seeing, and the rice paddies where the 7th-century administrative divisions still remain may take you back in time to ancient times!

Usa Jingu

It is the head shrine of all Hachimangu shrines in Japan. The overwhelming size of the shrine shows that it has been worshipped at by many people for a long time. The precincts of the shrine are surrounded by clear air and lined with precious architectural structures such as the main hall, a national treasure, bridges, and a Noh theate