Lunch at Umikaji Terrace with a view of the Okinawan sea

From Haneda to Naha

Arrive at Naha Airport and rent a car

From Naha airport to Umikaji Terrace
15min. by car / 5.3km
To go & see

Umikaji Terrace


Opened in 2015, this commercial facility offers food and popular local sweets in a bright white patio built into the hillside. Not only are the ice lollies made from Okinawan fruits delicious, but they also look cute ♡ All the shops use fresh ingredients!
Data:Umikaji Terrace
Address/174-6 Senaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 901-0233

Local Recommended Food


Soki-soba, which has a unique taste and texture that is neither ramen nor udon, is a must-try when you come to Okinawa. The fried gurukun (a local fish), the crispy sea grapes, and the donut sata andagi if you're feeling a little peckish!
From Umikaji Terrace to the hotel
15 min. by car / 7.5km

Check-in at the hotel.

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa


Itoman City, located at the southernmost tip of Okinawa Main Island, is known as a town of fishermen. The Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa is located here as if it were a luxury cruise ship. It only takes 20 minutes from the city to find a pure white sandy beach. Your precious vacation will become a special time!
Data:Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa
Address/ 1-6-1, Nishizakicho, Itoman-city, Okinawa, 901-0306, Japan
TEL/ 098-992-7500


A tour of historical sites and occasional spirituality in southern Okinawa

Departure from the hotel

Fromt the hotel to Himeyuri Peace Museum
15 min. by car / 8km

Himeyuri Peace Museum


In April 1945, U.S. troops landed on Okinawa and there was a fierce battle. More than 200 female students took part in nursing activities at the army hospital and other facilities. The bunker in which they had taken refuge was attacked, and many female students lost their lives.
Data:Himeyuri Peace Museum
Address/ 671-1 Ihara Itoman City, Okinawa 901-0344
From Himeyuri Museum to Okinawa Peace Memorial Park
7 min. by car / 3.6km

Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

沖縄県営 平和祈念公園

It is a prefectural park located in Mabuni, the site of the end of the Battle of Okinawa. 40 hectares of the park is divided into four areas, and there is a bus service within the park. The Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum is worth a visit for its detailed introduction to the history of the Battle of Okinawa.
Data:Okinawa Peace Memorial Park
Address/ 444 Mabuni, Itoman City, Okinawa 901-0333
TEL/ 098-997-2765
From Peace Memorial Park to Okinawa World
20 min. by car / 10.2km
To go & see

Okinawa World & Gyokusendo


A theme park that introduces the nature, history and culture of Okinawa. In the cityscape with red tile roofs unique to Okinawa, you can experience traditional crafts, watch powerful dances such as Eisa and Shishimai. One of the largest limestone caves in Japan, Gyokusendo, is lit up and amazing.
Data:Okinawa World & Gyokusendo
Address/ 1336Maekawa Tamagusuku Nanjo-city Okinawa 901-0616
From Okinawa World to Sefa-Utaki
10 min. by car / 6.5km
To go & see



It is the most cherished holy place in Okinawa, mentioned in Ryukyu mythology. It was a place where festivals were held during the Ryukyu Kingdom era, and there are huge rocks in the forest, creating a sacred atmosphere.
Address/ 270-1 Aza kudeken Chinen Nanjo-city Okinawa 901-1511
From Sefa-Utaki to The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters
40 min. by car / 21.5km

The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters


It is located in the southwestern part of Naha City, was the site of the Imperial Japanese Navy's command bunker during World War II, making it a fierce battlefield. The command bunker has been restored and is open to the public, and there is also a museum. From the observatory, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the East China Sea, Shuri Castle, and Naha City.
Data:The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters
Address/ 236 Aza Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa 901-0241
From the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters to the hotel
20 min. by car / 10km

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa (2nd night)


Spend time at leisure on the hotel beach

To go & see

Bibi Beach


The pure white sandy beach stretches right in front of the hotel. Marine activities such as snorkeling, banana boating, sea kayaking, and glass boating are available, and you can even enjoy a BBQ.
Data:Bibi Beach
Address/ 1 Nishizakicho, Itoman-city, Okinawa, 901-0306, Japan
From Bibi Beach to Seafood Market
17 min. by walkr / 1.5km

Seafood Market

糸満漁業協同組合 お魚センター

Just a short walk from the hotel, and perfect for lunch, is the Fish Center adjacent to the roadside station. You can eat fresh sashimi and sushi at reasonable prices. You can eat sashimi and sushi at reasonable prices.
Data:Seafood Market
Address/ 4-19 NIshizakicho, Itoman-city, Okinawa, 901-0306
TEL/ 098-992-2803
Back to the beach

From Seafood Market to the beach
17 min. by walk / 1.5km

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa (3rd night)


To a magnificent space for learning Okinawa!

Check-out at the hotel.

From the hotel to Shurijo Castle
35 min. by car / 16km
To go & see

Shurijo Castle Park


Shuri Castle, a symbol of Okinawa, is said to have been built in the late 13th to mid 14th century. T he gorgeous building with its mixture of Chinese and Japanese architectural styles, was registered as a World Heritage Site. Although it has suffered from frequent fires due to war and other reasons, restoration work is still ongoing. It’s also beautiful when lit up after sunset.
Data:Shurijo Castle Park
Address/ 1-2 Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa 903-0815
TEL/ 098-886-2020
From Shurijo to Kokusai Street
15 min. by car / 4km

Naha Kokusai Street


Kokusai-dori was burned to the ground during the war, but has made remarkable progress since the war, and is now the busiest street in Okinawa, and a symbol of reconstruction. You can find everything from souvenir shops to restaurants and cafes.
Data:Naha Kokusai Street
Address/ 3-2 Makishi, Naha city, Okinawa 900-0013
From Kokusai street to Naha airport
16 min. by car / 5.5km

Return to the car
From Naha Airport to Haneda Airport


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season (1 room for 2 people)  113,000円~
Off season (1 room for 2 people) 63,000円~
Round trip Airfare(Tokyo - Okinawa), Rent-a-car, 3 nights accommodation with breakfast Tax

Sights Information

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The aquarium is located in the Ocean Expo Park, where you can observe manta rays and giant whale sharks in a huge tank. The sunlit coral sea tank houses 800 corals. There are also a variety of programs that explain each tank.

Yomitan pottery village

The pottery market, participated in by over 30 potters from Yomitan village, is visited and crowded with pottery fans. A variety of pottery, from small items such as chopstick holders to large items such as shisa statues, is sold here. You can also making them.

Uninhabited islands

There are many uninhabited islands in Okinawa and the sea is beautiful, so stopping by these islands is a popular plan. The fish are also less cautious, making snorkeling more enjoyable! Komaka Island, Naganne Island, Hatenohama, Ukabi Island, and Yo Island are some of the most famous.

Yanbaru Region

Yanbaru, an area in northern Okinawa with many mountains and forests, is home to many of Okinawa's unique flora and fauna. Mangrove Kayaking and Night Hiking are amazing! You may be able to see ”Yanbaru Kuina”, the red-beaked flightless bird!

Kaichu Road

Less than 5 km from the Yosho Peninsula, located in the middle of Okinawa Island, you can drive sightseeing to four remote islands while driving over the sea. Feel the ocean as you drive along the open road!

Yui Rail

The Yui Rail monorail connects Naha Airport, Naha City, Shuri Castle, and Yachimun Village, and is a convenient way to get around. A one-day ticket is also available.