The beginning of a three-day drive with a vast and beautiful view

Haneda Airport

Rent a car at Yamaguchi Ube Airport

From the airport to Akiyoshidai
50 min by car / 47km
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The area became a limestone plain and karst plateau through the work of submarine volcanoes and the movement of ocean plates over a span of 350 million years. Mine-Akiyoshidai Karst Plateau Geopark offers an observatory and a rest space at .
Data: Akiyoshidai
Address/ Akiyoshidai, Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 754-0511

Must-Eat Tile Soba!


Flavorful green tea soba are arranged on a hot roof tile with beef, omelet cut into thin stripes and seaweed and grated radish and chili is added to a special bonito flavor sauce.
From Akiyoshidai to Hagi Area
40 min by car / 35km
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Hagi castle town


The Hagi Castle Town area has been listed on the National Register of Historical Sites. You can see traditional houses, warehouses with namako kabe facades, various gates, and earth walls.
Data:Hagi Tourism Association
Address/ 3537-3 Tsubaki,Hagi City,Yamaguchi 758-0061 
Head to the hotel
15 min. by car / 7km

Yukei-no-yado Hagikomachi

夕景の宿 海のゆりかご 萩小町

This hotel was remodeled in July, 2006, and guests can admire the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan, and enjoy the natural stone baths and open-air baths.
Data:Yukei-no-yado Umi-no-yurikago Hagikomachi
Address/ 6509 Koshigahama, Tsubaki higashi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi 758-0011


Drive along the Sea of Japan to Shimonoseki

Departure from the hotel

From the hotel to Senjojiki
60 min by car / 47km
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Facing the Sea of Japan, the grassland area known as Senjojiki commands a beautiful view of the waters. Feel the sea breeze as you look out towards the vast horizon.
Address/ 1138-1 Hekinaka, Nagato City, Yamaguchi 759-4402
From Senjojiki to Motonosumi Shrine
10 min by car / 5km
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Motonosumi Shrine


Impressive point of this shrine is the 123 repetitive red torii gates from Ryugu wave splash. Surprisingly the offering box is on the top of the large torii gate! It is said that your wish would come true if you manage to throw a coin into it.
Data:Motonosumi Shrine
Address/ 498 Yuyatsuou, Nagato City, Yamaguchi 759-4712
From Shrine to Tsunoshima Bridge
40 min by car / 28km
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Tsunoshima Bridge


Tsunoshiba Bridge is a popular course for an ocean drive and the perfect scenic photo spots. Tsunoshima island is known for its proximity to the main island and the clear water surrounding it.
Data:Tsunoshima Bridge
Address/ Tsunoshima-Kanda, Houhoku-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi 750-5332
From Tsunoshima to Roadside station
30 min by car / 18km
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Roadside station Kitaura Kaido Houhoku

道の駅 北浦街道 豊北(ほうほく)

Fresh seafood straight from the fishing port and seasonal produce are available at the ""Houhoku Dream Market"". There is also a restaurant called ""Wakuwakutei"" serving fresh seafood.
Data:Roadside station Kitaura Kaido Houhoku
Address/ 314-1 Kanda Ue, Houhoku-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi 759-6121 
Head to Shimonoseki!
60 min by car / 46km

Shimonoseki Grand Hotel


Located in Shimonoseki, within 200 m of Shimonoseki City Aquarium and 2.4 mi of Senjogahara Park, the room concept is 'relax'. Thwy 9 type rooms such as elegant Royal Suite room, Japanese-style room. While enjoying the wave light of the Straits, please spend a contented private time.
Data:Shimonoseki Grand Hotel
Address/ 31-2 Nabe-cho, Shimonoseki City,Yamaguchi 750-0006


Let's enjoy the last day with a lot of fish

Going for a morning walk!

30 min. by walk 2.5km
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Kanmon Bridge


Kanmon Bridge is the suspended bridge crossing the Kanmon Straits, a stretch of water separating two of Japan’s four main islands. Dannoura Battlefield is recommended for a morning walk
Data:Kanmon bridge
Address/ 3492-2 Moji, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City Fukuoka 801-0855
From the hotel to Aquarium
3 min by walk / 200m
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Shimonoseki Municipal Aquarium Kaikyokan

20,000 fish of 500 species are exhibited inside 65 water tanks. Don't miss the dolphin and otter performance in the aqua theatre located in a perfect view spot of Kanmon Strait.
Data:Shimonoseki Municipal Aquarium Kaikyokan
Address/ Arukapo-to 6-1, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 750-0036
TEL/ 083-228-1100
From Awuarium to Karato Market
5 min by walk / 500m

[Lunch Area] Karato Market

◇ランチおすすめ◇  唐戸市場

When visiting the market, you have to try the fresh seafood bowl or the sushi. The cafeteria on the second floor is loved by people in the market for its set meals and fresh sushi at a reasonable price
Data:Karato Market
Address/5−50 Karato-cho Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi 750-0005
From the thoel to Hinoyama
15 min by car / 6km
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Hinoyama Ropeway


Part of the Setonaikai National Park , the view from the peak is particularly stunning at night when the city lights are reflected in the waters.
Data: Hinoyama Ropeway
Address/ 7 Mimosusogawa-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi 751-0813
TEL/ 083-231-1351
Proceed to the airport
60 min by car / 62km

Return the Rental car 
Back to Tokyo


Tour Fee
Per Person
Peak Season (1 room for 2 people) 78,000JPY~
Off season (1 room for 2 people) 54,000JPY~
Air fare、Rental car fee、2nights accommodation ( Breakfast 2 / lunch 0/ Dinner 1 )

Sights Information

Hagi-yaki ware

Hagi ware is rarely decorated, remaining as simple as possible in order to make the best use of its clay. One of Hagi ware's most important features and what makes it unique is its use of raw materials in an uncomplicated way that maintains its original texture.


Yoshida Shoin educated low-class soldiers and children of ordinary people. Many of human resources who worked for Meiji restoration such as Takasugi Shinsaku, Kusaka Genzui, Ito Hirobumi was produced from this school.

Kanmon Pedstrian tunnel

Only the place in the world! You can cross the Kanmon strait on foot.


An uninhabited island in Shimonoseki, whose official name is Funashima Island. This island is also known as the location for a duel between Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki in 1612. There are 10 direct ferries a day.


Shimonoseki is known as the holy land of blowfish because it was the first place in Japan where the blowfish food ban enacted in the Edo period was lifted. Try the connoisseur’s way to eat fresh blowfish, soft roe, and hirezake – a hot sake with broiled fish fins