Sightseeing in Kumamoto City! Touring Rufie and Chopper

From Haneda Airport to Kumamoto Airport
About 2 hours
Rent a car and departre from the airport!

From the airport to Mashiki Town where Sanji Statue is located
15 minutes by car / 9 km
To go & see



In Mashiki Town, which was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in Kumamoto, the school lunch center in the town was damaged. A statue of Sanji, the chef on the sea who appears in ONE PIECE, is waiting for you at the Mashiki Town Exchange and Information Center with a delicious meal in his hand.
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Sanji Statue
Address/ 236 Nogiyama, Mashikimachi, Kamimashiki-gun Kumamoto 861-2242
Try Kumamoto's specialty "Tai Pien" at a Chinese restaurant in the area!



A staple in Chinese restaurants in Kumamoto, Tai Pien is a healthy noodle dish made with vermicelli. The ingredients are made with plenty of vegetables, seafood, and meat, and the soup is Chinese style. In Kumamoto, it is said that it is also served in school lunches. Let's give it a try!
From Sanji Statue to Chopper Statue
20 minutes by car / 8.5km
To go & see



A ship doctor's chopper at the entrance of Kumamoto Zoo and Botanical Garden. The zoo's animal house was partially damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake. The zoo's small animals were also active as a mobile zoo to cheer up children who were shocked by the earthquake.
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
Address/ 5-14-2 Kengun, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto 862-0911
TEL/ 096-368-4416
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ONE PIECE miniature figures & cards

ONE PIECEフィギュア&銅像カード

Free statue cards and miniature figures of the statues are available for purchase near the location of each statue. Collecting one for each destination will make your trip even more enjoyable!
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
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Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens


This zoo and botanical garden is operated by Kumamoto City and is located on the banks of Lake Ezu, an oasis for the citizens of Kumamoto. In the zoo, visitors can see popular animals such as elephants and giraffes, as well as rare animals such as ginkgoes and shifu elephants. There is a Japanese garden in the garden area.
DATA:Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Address/ 5-14-2 Kengun, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto 862-0911
TEL/ 096-368-4416
To go & see

Edu Lake


It is a large lake consisting of two lakes and is close to the city center, making it a favorite recreational spot for locals. Because the water temperature rarely changes throughout the year, the lake is home to many animals and plants, making it a treasure house of precious nature.
DATA:Edu Lake
Address/ Edu, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto Kumamoto 862-0942
Lake Ezu to Luffy Statue
6 minutes by car / 2.5km
To go & see



Captain Luffy is installed in front of the Kumamoto Prefectural Office. The main gate where the statue of Luffy is located is lined with magnificent ginkgo trees. In autumn, the golden carpet is very beautiful and is lit up at night. ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Luffy Statue
Address/6-18-1 Suizenji, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto 862-0950
From Luffy Statue to Kumamoto Castle
20 minutes by car / 5.5km
To go & see

Kumamoto Castle


Within the vast grounds and unique architecture of Kumamoto Castle, many historical clues remain about how feudal lords lived during the Edo Period. Throughout Kumamoto you can see many examples of the construction and architecture from those days, built with the latest techniques of the times, under castle master Kato Kiyomasa.
Data:Kumamoto Castle
Address/ 1-1 Honmaru, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto 860-0002
TEL/ 096-352-5900
Check-in at hotel
Go to town for dinner

Kumamoto Food Stall Village


Located just off the shopping street in the center of Kumamoto, Yatai Mura is a large collection of Kumamoto's delicious food! You will find a variety of food such as local sashimi, horse sashimi, black pork, and ramen noodles. The specialty is the corner where you can enjoy a sample of Kuma shochu for only one coin, allowing you to enjoy a little bit of the unique shochu from 27 different breweries.
Data:Kumamoto Food Stall Village
Address/ 2-22 Jotoumachi, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto 860-0846

Kumamoto Local Food


Kumamoto Prefecture ranks first in the nation in the production of horse meat! The standard "horse sashimi" is available in a wide variety of parts, including fillet, tongue, belly, and liver. Karashi Renkon, spicy lotus root stuffed with mustard miso and deep-fried is a perfect snack. Kumamoto's delicious shochu will also go down a treat!

OMO5 Kumamoto

OMO5熊本 by 星野リゾート

Opened in 2023, OMO5 Kumamoto is located in downtown Kumamoto, making it a great base for exploring the city. You can also view Kumamoto Castle from the uneven terrace. Guests can choose from a variety of room styles, from twin rooms to round-table rooms and the OMO House, which comes equipped with a washer/dryer and dishes.
DATA:OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resort
Address/ 5-1 TetoriHoncho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto 860-0808
TEL/ 05031348095


Dolphin Watching in Amakusa♪

Check out of the hotel

Start drive to Amakusa!
From Kumamoto city to Uto area
40 minutes by car / 22km
To go & see



A statue of "Jimbay," a fish man at the helm, has been installed in Sumiyoshi Kaigan Park. Don't miss the Nagabeta Kaidokoji Road, a road that stretches into the sea where trucks carrying seaweed and seaweed come and go at low tide. There is a seaweed selection store in the park, and the soft-serve ice cream sold in the store can be topped with seaweed or kelp tea!
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Jinbei Statue
Address/ 3162–1 Sumiyoshimachi, Uto, Kumamoto 869-0401
From Jinbei to Okoshiki Beach Observation Point
10 minutes by car / 6.2k m
To go & see

Okoshiki Beach Obsevertory

御輿来海岸 展望所

Because of the large difference in tides in the Ariake Sea, the wind and waves create beautiful curved patterns on the sandy beach when the tide recedes. The color of the beach changes in the morning, during the day, and in the evening, so please stop by on your way to Amakusa to enjoy the beauty of the moment!
DATA:Okoshiki Beach Obsevertory
Address/ Shimooudamachi, Uto, Kumamoto 869-0492

Amakusa Food


Because Amakusa is surrounded by the sea, fresh seafood is distributed throughout the year, allowing visitors to enjoy seasonal seafood. There are many famous restaurants serving seafood bowls filled with fresh seafood! Amakusa chanpon, also known as one of the three best chanpon in Japan, has a variety of ingredients depending on the restaurant.
From Okoshiki Beach to Dolphin Watching
80 minutes by car / 67km
To go & see



Nearly 200 wild bottlenose dolphins live in Amakusa City. They are friendly and will swim alongside the boat and even jump in front of you! You can see dolphins throughout the year, so enjoy a cruise around the islands of Amakusa in the Ariake Sea♪.
DATA:Dolphine Watching
Address/ 4689-20 Futae, Itsuwamachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto 863-2421
To Sakitsu village where the church is located
1 hour by car / 42km
To go & see

Roadside Station Sakitsu


The Sakitsu community developed a unique form of faith unique to the village, coexisting with Buddhism and Shintoism at a time when Christianity was banned in the area. Visitors can learn more about the history and culture of this area. You can also rent a bicycle, so you can park your car here and explore the village by bicycle or on foot!
DATA:Roadside Station Sakitsu
Address/ 1117-10 Sakitsu Kawauramachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto 863-1204
From Roadside Station Sakitsu to Sakitsu Church
8 minutes walk / 2.4km
To go & see

Sakitsu Church


Sakitsu Church, a symbol of the village, is a stately Gothic-style church that was rebuilt in 1934 during the reign of the French missionary Father Harb. The hall is paved with tatami mats, and soft light shines through the stained glass windows, creating a sacred atmosphere.
DATA: Sakitsu Church
Address/ 539 Sakitsu Kawauramachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto 863-1204
From Sakitsu Village to Oe Tenshudo
10 minutes by car / 9km
To go & see

Oe Tenshudo Church


It was the earliest church built in Amakusa after the ban on Christianity was lifted. The current building was erected in 1933 by Father Garnier, a French missionary, in cooperation with local believers. A statue of Father Garnier and a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes are located on the grounds.
DATA:Oe Tenshudo Church
Address/ 1782 Oe, Amakusamachi, Amakusa Kumamoto 863-2801
From the church to the hotel
1 hour by car / 43km
To go & see

Amakusa West Coast Sunset Line


The national highway along the west side of Amakusa follows the coast, making it a beautiful area not only for the ocean, but also for sunsets at dusk. Please enjoy the fantastic scenery as you drive... ♪

Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa

天草温泉 ホテルアレグリアガーデンズ天草

Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa, a resort hotel located on a hill with a great view, offers a panoramic view of the Ariake Sea from its lobby, restaurant, and guest rooms. Guest rooms range from a detached house with an open-air bath to Western-style rooms and Japanese-style rooms, allowing you to choose the room that best suits your travel style. Enjoy the ever-changing beautiful scenery and spend a relaxing time.
DATA:Hotel Alegria Gardens Amakusa
Address/ 996 Hirose, Hondomachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto 863-0001
TEL/ 0969-22-3161


Drive through the spectacular scenery created by the caldera of Aso

Check out of the hotel.
Depart for Aso!

From the hotel to the Robin Statue
Approximately 2.5 hours by car / 120km
To go & see



The statue of Robin the "Archaeologist" was installed at Tokai University in 2021. The Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Museum "KIOKU" is located next to the statue. The museum will not only pass on the memories, experiences, and lessons learned from the Kumamoto earthquake to future generations, but also the history of the Aso land, which will make the spectacular view of Aso you are about to see even more profound.
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Robin Statue
Address/ Kawayou, Minamiasomura, Aso-gun Kumamoto 869-1404
From Robin Statue to Kusasenrigahama Beach
20 minutes by car / 12.5km
To go & see



A large meadow stretches at the northern foot of Mount Eboshi, one of the five Aso peaks. Visitors can experience horseback riding while enjoying the magnificent view of the lake formed by rainwater and the still smoking Mt. Naka. There is also a museum and a café, so please spend your time as you wish.
Address/ Kusasenrigahama, Aso, Kumamoto 869-1404
From Kusasenrigahama to Minamiaso Observatory
12 minutes by car / 8.2km
To go & see

Minami Aso Observation Deck


This spot offers a spectacular view of Aso from the south side of the outer rim of Mt. From an elevation of 750 meters above sea level. You can enjoy the ridge line of the outer rim of the mountain on the opposite side and the patchwork-like countryside of the plain. Depending on the weather, a sea of clouds can also provide a fantastic view.
DATA:Minami Aso Observation Deck
Address/ Nakamatsu, Minamiaso mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto 869-1505
From Minamiaso Observatory to Takamori Station
16 minutes by car / 11.7km

Aso Beef


Akagyu" beef raised in the great nature of Kumamoto has a reputation for its delicious lean meat with little excess fat. It is flavorful, and the rich taste of the meat spreads with every bite.
To go & see



The shipbuilder's flunky was installed at Takamori Station on the Minami Aso Railway. Takamori Station is the arrival and departure station of the Minamiaso Railway, which took some time to resume operation after the earthquake, but all operations were resumed in 2023.
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Franky Statue
Address/ 1537-2 Takamori, Takamorimachi, Aso-gun Kumamoto 869-1602
To go & see

Sunny- Go Train


The "Sunny Go Train," a collaboration train with ONE PIECE, was created to commemorate the complete restoration of the Minami Aso Railway. The train makes three round trips a day between Takamori and Tateno Stations from Thursday to Sunday. The train, decorated with motifs from ONE PIECE, winds its way through the great outdoors. The interior of the train is also a must-see for fans!
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Sunny- Go Train
Address/ Takamori, Takamorimachi, Aso-gun Kumamoto 869-1602
From Takamori Station to Nami Statue
30 minutes by car / 23km
To go & see



Nishihara Village, where the Nami statue is located, suffered damage to the entire village. At the adjacent "Moe-no-sato", visitors can purchase souvenirs such as freshly grown vegetables and processed goods, and enjoy meals and sweets at the restaurant. In autumn, cosmos fields in full bloom are very beautiful.
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
DATA:Nami Statue
Address/2115-3 Komori, Nishiharamura, Aso-gun Kumamoto 861-2402

Aso Dairy Products


In Aso, where dairy farming is thriving, milk, yogurt, soft-serve ice cream, cheese, and other products are sold from various dairy farms. The products made with raw milk from dairy cows grown in the rich nature are very satisfying!
From Nami Statue to the airport
15 minutes by car / 8.7km
To go & see

Kumamoto Airport


Aso Kumamoto Airport, whose passenger terminal was renovated in 2023, has a warm and inviting atmosphere with abundant use of cedar from Oguni, Kumamot. There are restaurants and a food court where you can enjoy Kumamoto's specialties, and a very well-stocked souvenir corner, so please enjoy your waiting time before your flight.
DATA:Kumamoto Airport
Address/ 1802-2 Oyatsu Mashikimachi, Kamimasiki-gun Kumamoto 861-2204
TEL/ 096-232-2311
Returning a Rental Car

Fly from Kumamoto to Haneda
About 2 hours

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Off Season 67,000 JPY〜
Peak Season per person 88,000 JPY〜
Round trip Air fare( Tokyo-Kumamoto), Rent- a -car
2 nights accommodation (breakfast 2/ dinner 1) tax

Sights Information

Ushibuka Bridge

This 883-meter-long bridge is located in Amakusa-Ushibuka-cho. The design, resembling fish scales, was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. When illuminated at night, the curving lines connecting the islands glow beautifully. It is also equipped with a pedestrian walkway, making it a great place for a night stroll.


Daikanbou is a representative of Aso, a spot with a spectacular view. From the 935-meter-high prairie, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the five Aso peaks, the urban area of Aso, and the Kujyu mountain range. Depending on the weather, you may be surrounded by a beautiful sea of clouds. The view of the five Aso peaks from here is called the "Nirvana Statue" because it looks like Buddha lying down.

Shirakawa Spring

Located in Minamiaso Village, known as the birthplace of water, the Shirakawa Water Source gushes forth an abundance of water at a rate of 60 tons per minute. Next to the water source is Shirakawa Yoshimi Shrine, where the god of water is enshrined.

Kumamoto Reconstruction Project

There are a total of 10 ONE PIECE bronze statues in the prefecture. Let's go see Brook in Mifune Town, Zoro in Otsu Town, and Usopp in Aso City!
Kumamoto Reconstruction Project official website:

Photo Credit: ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha ©熊本県観光連盟