Take the Chuo Expressway to the foot of Mt. Fuji

From Fussa to Oshinohakkai
1hr 20min by car / 75km
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Oshino Hakkai


Oshinohakkai is designated as a natural monument. It is a mysterious spring pond with clear spring water. Fuji, passing through underground lava and filtered over several decades. On a clear day, the blue sky is reflected in the pond, creating an indescribably beautiful color. Visitors can enjoy the pond with Mt. Fuji.
DATA:Oshino Hakkai
Address/ Shibokusa, Oshinomura, Minami-tsuru gun, Yamanashi 401-0511
TEL/ 0555-84-4221
From Oshinohakkai to downtown Fujiyoshida
10 minutes by car / 9.5 km

Yoshida Udon


Local Food, Yoshida udon is characterized by its chewy, firm noodles. The soup is usually a blend of soy sauce and miso, and the more you bite into the hard udon, the more the flavor of the broth spreads. Boiled cabbage and sweet and spicy horse meat are also unusual toppings! Once you try it, you will be addicted to the delicious taste.
After lunch, go to Fujikyu Highland!
A few minutes by car
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Fujikyu Highland


Fujikyu Highland is famous for its scream attractions and haunted houses full of tricks. Not only for thrill-seekers, but also for anime fans, the theme park features attractions such as Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, GeGeGe no Kitaro, Thomas the Locomotive, Lisa and Gaspard, and many more!
DATA:Fujikyu Highland
Address/ 5-6-1 shinnishihara, Shinyoshida, Yamanashi, 403-0017
TEL/ 0555-23-2111
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NARUTO×BORUTO 富士 木ノ葉隠れの里

This NARUTO x BORUTO theme area opened in 2019. There is a shooting ride where you can enjoy the ninjutsu of the characters, a VR attraction that immerses you in the world of Naruto, and a museum that is a must-see for fans. The official hotel of Fujikyu Highland also has Naruto concept rooms, where you can experience the "Shinobi" experience during your stay!
写真提供:富士急ハイランド/富士木ノ葉隠れの里 ©岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ
After enjoying Fujikyu Highland, go to the inn
3 minutes by car / about 1 km

Private Resort Pine tree

プライベートリゾート パインツリー

This rental villa complex consists of Finnish log cottages and condominiums. All buildings have their own outdoor bath and BBQ terrace, so you can spend your private time to the fullest during your stay. Rooms with wood stoves create a luxurious atmosphere in the cold winter. A supermarket is only 5 minutes away by car, making it convenient for shopping.
DATA:Private Resort Pine tree
Address/ 1229 Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0016
TEL/ 0555-24-5541



BBQ is what you want to enjoy when you come to the mountains! The agricultural products shops sell seasonal vegetables throughout the year, so you can procure locally grown food and enjoy BBQ. You can also purchase Yamanashi brand Koshu beef, Fujizakura pork, and gibier venison.


Enjoy the view with Mt. Fuji

After check-out, go to Sengen Shrine
12 minutes drive from the hotel / 4km
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Arakurayama Sengen Park


Fuji and the beautiful five-story pagoda with its vermilion and greenish-blue roof, people from all over the world come to see this view.Many cherry trees are planted in the park, and a cherry blossom festival is held in April. There are 398 steps up to the five-story Churyo Pagoda, so be sure to wear comfortable walking clothes!
DATA:Arakurayama Sengen Park
Address/ 2-4-1 Asama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0011
TEL/ 0555-21-1000
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Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine


Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine was founded in 705 as the local deity of this area. Today, the shrine is visited not only by locals but also by worshippers from Japan and abroad. The shrine is well known as the god of warding off bad luck, family happiness, easy childbirth, and child rearing, and both the cherry blossom season and the season of autumn leaves are amazingl!
DATA:Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine
Address/ 2-4-1 Asama, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0011
TEL/ 0555-21-1000
To Oishi Park by Lake Kawaguchi
16 minutes by car / 8km
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Oishi Park


This park is located on the northern shore of Lake Kawaguchi. Famous for its lavender, it is the main venue for Herb Festival, and is a popular spot for those who want to take pictures of flowers and Mount Fuji, as a variety of flowers and plants can be enjoyed throughout the year. Visitors can experience fruit picking and jam making, and there is also a café and restaurant with a great view.
DATA:Oishi Park
Address/ 2585 Oishi, Kawaguchikomachi, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi 401-0305
TEL/ 0555-76-8230

Café with nice view


There are a number of cafes along the shores of Lake Kawaguchi. Each of them offers baked goods, cakes, gelato, ice cream, pancakes, and other sweets perfect for a break. Spend a pleasant time with the spectacle view!
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Kawaguchi Lake


Lake Kawaguchi is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes after Lake Yamanaka. There are hot springs, leisure facilities, hotels, and golf courses around the lakeside, and you can also enjoy sightseeing boats and boating. The lake is close to the expressway and has a train line, making it one of the most accessible lakes in the Fuji Five Lakes. The fireworks display on a clear winter night is also exceptional.
From Kawaguchiko to Narusawa Ice Cave
20 minutes by car / 12km
To go & see

Narusawa Hyoketsu


The Narusawa Ice Cave is a ring-shaped cave that is connected inside and is both high and wide. It was created by lava flows from the eruption. The cave is cool all year round and can be enjoyed as a natural air conditioner in summer. The icicles, which are formed when water drops seeping through the ceiling freeze, are at their largest around April, and the icicles illuminated by lights are fantastic and beautiful.
DATA:Narusawa Hyoketsu
Address/ 8533 Narusawa village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0398
TEL/ 0555-85-2301

Hoto Udon


Houtou is a local dish produced mainly in Yamanashi Prefecture. The noodles are wide and flat, and are stewed with pumpkin, mushrooms, seasonal potatoes and vegetables in a rich miso broth. It is full of nutrients and warms the body.
Back to Tokyo
1.5 hour by car

End of tour


Tour Fee
Per Person
Off Season (1 room for 2 people) 11,300 JPY~
Off Season (1 room for 2 people) 16,400 JPY~
A night accommodation / tax

Sights Information

Lake Yamanakako

Lake Yamanakako is the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes and is the place to go if you want to spend a quiet and relaxing time. It is also famous as a place where you can see "Diamond Fuji," where the sun overlaps the top of Mt. Fuji. There are many lake activities such as jet skiing and SUP.

Lake Motosu

Fuji depicted on the 1,000-yen bill is a beautiful lake said to be the view from Lake Motosu. It is also famous for its "hime-masu" trout, which live only in places with clean water. If you want to spend a relaxing time camping, Lake Motosu is the place to go!
Canoe rentals and other services are also available.

Lake Shojin

Lake Shojiko is the smallest of the Fuji Five Lakes. Fuji, it is also called "Child-Hugging Fuji" because of Mt. Omuro, which is one size smaller in front of Mt. Fuji. Many fishermen like to fish here, and you can feel the nature to the fullest.

Saiko(West Lake)

This lake is surrounded by mountains, so you can best feel that it is in the mountains. The pale indigo color of the lake and the forest of the Aokigahara Sea of Trees give it a mysterious charm. There are walking trails around the lake for trekking.