Price list for various arrangements

The following will apply to reservations made after June 24 2008

During the course of our duty, the following charges may be imposed. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the contents stated below before we can be of assistance to you.
If you have any questions regarding the following, please ask us for assistance.

1.Urgent Request Fee

  Travel arrangements applied 4~10 days prior to departure date.(per person) ¥1,550
  Travel arrangements applied with less than 4 days to departure date.(per person) ¥3,150
There may be additional charges depending on the conditions upon making the urgent request.

2.Various Handling Fee

1.  Insurance of airline ticket
Type A Japan domestick flight (per flight/per sector) ¥520
Type B Outside of Japan domestick flight (per booklet) ¥2,100
Type C Outside of Japan international flight (per booklet) ¥5,250
Seat reservations only, provided the customer arranges the airline ticket(per seat) ¥2,100
3. Ordinary-Arranged Tour Create a customized itinerary that includes all your travel needs. Just inform us about your intended trip .(fee is included in the ordinary-arranged tour)
4. Agent-Organized Tour(Japanese Package tour)
Translating the itinerary and all documantations for international tours(per person) ¥3,150
Translating the itinerary and all documantations for domestic tours(per person) ¥2,100
5. Lodging arrangement charge
Lodging fee paid for upon departure (per room) ¥520
Reservations only, provided the customer pays lodging fee upon check-in(per room) ¥1,050
Local tour arrangements (per person) ¥2,100
* an additional service charge for reservations made overseas ¥3,150
Reservations for a rent-a-car, (each) ¥1,050
Arrements on various railroad and/or bus passes /Rental phones(each) ¥1,050
Reservations on railroad, bus, and/orship made overseas /Rental phones(each) ¥2,100
(additional communication charge is to be expected.)
Charge on various refunds (each) ¥5,250
For more information regarding fees and charges not mentioned above, please ask for assistance.

3. Documentation Fee

‘Receipt Insurance Certificate’ (each) ¥3,150
** In no case will we re-issue a receipt
2. Fees for preparing documents for immigration
For countries other than Japan(each) ¥3,150
* Additional charge if requested for multiple countries(per country) ¥520
** The countries for which we can prepare documents are limited.
For Japan(each) ¥520

4. Fees on Applying for a Passport/Visa on Behalf

Please refer to the price list prepared separately.
To acquire one, please ask for assistance An additional basic fare is required even if you only need to apply for a passport/visa and have travel plans arranged at a different travel agengy, (per person)
** Regulation prohibits us from applying for a passport/visa on behalf of a non-Japanese.